21 February 2009


Possibly the first complaint about the KSG has been recieved, and no surprise it was from a tight arse backpacker, here is the section that offended the overly sensitive backpack clad lassie.

"Backpackers. Known as snails to Pot-Pats, pregnant if wearing two backpacks. Normally seen walking from GH to GH while fully packed, being too damn tight to pay for a moto driver or tuk tuk that would help them (yes you, put my guide back you tight git!). Generally welcomed in city bars as long as the money is good, rumours of backpackers being shot on sight in Kep are unfounded".

Lucky she wasn't a hippy ea!

Anyway just as we prepared a politically correct version of the guide we will now make a backpacker version, though it may well be empty.


  1. just wanted to comment, that it was i, who made that first comment.

    also, ie and firefox don't work for comments, only google chrome. suprised???

    some former backpacker in sihanoukville

  2. Is that you Limp Dick?

    Hell I never knew you backpacked, just goes to show you ea, and I guess thats what stressed ya leg.

  3. hey, cool. was she offended by my sketch too?! *;-D you know who.