16 April 2009

Khmai New Year Delays.

It's still the middle of the new years celebrations and KSG staff are shagged out, working on more than one project at this time of year is taxing at best, for sometimes painful.

Anyway the print run is halted till the crazyness is over, so copies will be out in less than a week, and sorry no sneak previews as downloads, the only visible proof stays with me till print.

KSG News Headlines.

KSG staff venture into Kep and get cold welcome.

Bar-Red turns one year old.

Bokor opens and 80% of Pot-Pats visit.

Somali pirates lay claim to Kep.

Icelandic tourist seen in Kampot.

1 comment:

  1. i love Kampot and The Kampot survival guide. Without the KSG my stay in Kampot would not have been the same.