02 June 2009

Issue 15 is on the way, promise...

Kampot Daelim drag racing team looses first race ever. Unfortunately Myfanwy the sole Pot racer to turn up was out paced, she lost only by a yard or two but in a massive mis-match, she took on a 650cc dirtbike in the standard standing quarter kilometer, and used only 5% of the fuel the dirtbike devoured.

Fanny on the strip.

River monster sighted, repeatidly. Pics of the monster have been flooding into the KSG offices ever since the issue 14 report, it seems there may be more than one of the beasts. Warning notices have been posted all along the river stating the dangers of swimming or playing by the rivers edge, you have been warned.

Monster caught on film up at Utopia.

Issue 15 is coming on nicely. New articles have been accepted from Kate the editor and Captain Frank, Ace Irvin is also working flat out to fill the last few lines, so you will see the new issue in a week or so.


  1. Yo Steve, PJ - friend of Capn Franks here- think I propped up your bar with my head a couple of times in Dec/Jan last w/Frank. Fun was had- Ta.
    BTW I think there may be a prob with the FileDen host of your KSG.PDFs. Am having no luck downloading them from there. Tried a couple of times. It may in fact be just a Cambodginess issue I guess - after all, am attempting from Oz (but last time I looked this Interweb thingy apparently has NO BORDERS (unless you in China, Nth Korea or TL ha)) All the best and keep up the good work...chok dee PJ

  2. Actually - scratch that last comment Steve - they D/Led fine at home.
    Cheers n Beers