23 July 2009

KSG Issue 16 started, already!

Basic layout for Issue 16 is complete, two submitions are in and work if only in thought process is continuing on the other two contributions.

What is obvious now is we need a new picture for the front cover, I have run out of old pics from the 60's. So here is a chance for you talented types, supply us a pic and get the credit you be due, a listing on the thanks in this blog!

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  1. Steve - heres a link to a Tune Capn Frank & I knocked up recently - a lot of the footage shot in Kampot ! Cheers PJ
    Full Moon In Bangkok

    I walk out of my apartment in Bangkok early one afternoon in January and see many Thai folk standing around and looking up at the high-rise Rajah Hotel next door. Various Police, photographers and the meat wagon arrive. Turns out a Western male has been found dead on the roof above the Lobby portico. He took the short route down from the roof twelve levels above. This hotel is frequented by Thai and Russian Mafia and Hookers. So I call my buddy Frank and tell him to get his ass over to my Suite, we're writing a song about this. Here's the result. Bangkok dangerous indeed. Hope you like it....