15 December 2009

End of year promotions.

Once again the KSG has the pleasure of promoting staff. Alan (head teaser) who has been on the (no) pay role for only a short while, has proven himself capable and diligent, he has surpassed all of the KSG's expectations and only rightly has been promoted from the rank of "junior reporter" to the dizzy heights of "Ace" and shall be refered to as "Ace" from now on.

Congratulations Alan Headteaser (KSG Ace Reporter).

The KSG is proud of you and has improved your benefits package accordingly!

1 comment:

  1. Oh to think that I have been promoted to such dizzying heights so quickly. I thank you oh exaulted editor for your faith in my ability to dig up and report the real stories of SE Cambodia.

    I am currently working under deep cover for a future issue, and as soon as I get out of bed I will get right on it.