23 March 2010

Issue 19 (AKA KSG4)

OK its been decided, there will be an i19 and it will be black and white again. Blame apathy for the lack of colour issues and blame the lazy advertisers for the change.

The new KSG4 will be different, thats for sure. This change will remove all but 4 adverts from the guide and drop 8 pages, the print runs will all be personalised and in batches of 70 or multiples there of, so the sponsor of each batch gets the front page advert, the only other adverts will be those of the contributers scattered through the rag.

Even more different is the fact the guides will also be up for sale, you can charge 25c for each copy of the KSG and net yourself a profit!

So watch out, in the next couple of weeks expect to see a new (copy righted) proof and soon after, custom copies of the guide.

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