12 November 2010


We at the KSG have been toying with new methods of delivery, to say the least we have been inspired by two projects that have been instrumental in a major redesign in our guide.

Have a look at these two links and figure out yourself what we are planning...

First Project

Second Project

Changing the subject a little, one of our rep's recently had the pleasure of meeting a reporter for the "Rough Guide", a nice lass with a manly name.  Anyhow she was most forthwith and gladly told us all about her assignment, which will take her 6 weeks to complete, her publishers kindly paying her economy class flight ticket and furnishing her with a swelling budget of $20/day. 

It really makes me think, well think of how much LP pays for the same service.

So, is it money that makes a good guide?

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  1. Your going to launch a pig into space with the KSG bamboo tattooed on its hide?