27 March 2013

Issue 26 is on target

Hi folks, as you can see we are on the rails again and in better shape than the railway.

We have had a major staff re-jig and come up with a compromise that works, basically none of us do sales anymore, we send email and then it's up to the advertisers to supply us with both artwork and money before deadline, its been tough on some but it's working.

So anyway, we are back to three monthly printing, if you want in contact the boys at ksgadsales(at)gmail.com

Copies will be available from April 1st.

So this time we have to thank...

Bart the Boatman
Blissful Guest House
Blue Bar
Bluestar Real Estate
Cambo Eco Tours
Champa Lodge
Copper Pot
Farm Link
Full of Beans
Ganesha Riverside Eco Resort
Green House
Home Truths
Kampot Pie and Ice Cream Palace
Lost Art
Mea Culpa
Oh Neils
Senor Sushi
SHV Guide
Srey Mom's Cafe
Therapeutic Massage
Tic Tik Tours
Tiny Kampot Pillows
Titch's Place

More Importantly we have to thank these wonderful submitters...

Irvin S
Alan HT
Uncle Fran

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