18 March 2009

12 is out though flawed.

Shockwaves rebound around the KSG's layout department after issue 12's massive error is noticed.

Many apologies to DJ Feeds comes from the guys on the floor for not resizing his advert in this months effort, they managed to miss out both his phone number and email address from the bottom of his advert.

Needless to say those directly responsible have been shot and measures have been put in place to stop this ever happening again.

Good news is that issue 13 is already complete and has gone to print, this covert colour issue will be difficult to find as it will never be released on the net, you will have to come to Kampot and look for it.

Work on issue 14 has also commenced, the same old black n white fella but with another couple of submittions, on those lines...

Many thanks to the submitters in issue 12

Zee Moon for the wildlife rescue article.
Cath the editor for editing said article.
Captain Frank for his fishy input.

Bless em.

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