21 March 2009

Issues 12 & 13 finally hit the streets,

DJ Feeds performed sterling work modifying well over 700 copies of issue 12 to insert his contact details, all was done in one night of glue n paper where thankfully other sponsors chipped in and helped the poor old sod. It made for excellent entertainment as stacks of guides were steadily updated, nice work!

Given a taste of this jollity, DJ Feeds then took on the job of tracking down the odd 200 copies that slipped through the net, so he spent another night hunting and sticking, good kid ea!

So, more copies are on the way, soon.

Issue 13 has also made it back from the printers, the all colour 40 page baby everybody wanted so much. Distribution has been started so expect to see copies at exclusive establishments along the Cambodge coast soon.

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  1. heard that the river monster has doubled in size since August.