26 September 2010

Band Update.

After two years of rumors solid proof has started to land on the KSG's (city) desk, ACE reporter JF has once again sniffed out the truth from a most confusing pile of lies and half truths.

In his exclusive report he states the much anticipated world first "Ivor Biggun Tribute Band" has been formed in Kampot, He also says the band played to a confused Khmer audience as they had been booked for a wedding, this their first appearance and possibly their last to Khmer wedding goers.

Deeper into JF's report he speculates as to the identities of the band members and their ability to keep up their day jobs amidst all the media hype, only time will tell.

Many thanks go out to JF for his beautifully written report which will surely be used in Issue 20. 

Coming soon...

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