04 October 2010

Space Filling.

Issue 19.02 is on the verge of completion and thanks to modern compression techniques it has gained some space, there will be six extra ad spaces within it.

So if you have a wanting to spread the word about your business, it may be for you.

We have the front page banner up for grabs with five qtr page ad's going cheap.

Get in quick if you want to book the front page, it will be rotated between the sponsors so all will have a chance of grabbing this most favorite spot.

Initially we will print 1000 copies, there is no deadline either as we will just keep filling the ad spaces and printing more batches of 1000, rotating the ad's and placements as we go, copies will be distributed everywhere, like we used to.

Hope that pleases some of you more grumpy sponsors, but don't forget, it's easier for me to drop you now if you don't get ya artwork ready!

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