25 December 2010

More emails!

Reid Harlocker wrote...

Fantastic piece of information, the best I've found in SEA.

I'm hoping that you might help me to understand why I am presently locked in my GH. I started reading the guide last evening prior to the power failure. Fortunately my torch was at the ready because I was LMAO in the middle of local characters.

Any way I was up and ready for a walk at 6A but found myself trapped by a locked gate with a rather large lock just outside my room. So is this for my safety, the gate and the barb wire ringed concrete wall, or are the worried someone will skip out on the 15 per night bill?


Dear Inmate.

It seems you have stumbled upon one of the Pot's secrets!  As all Pot-Pat's know, power cuts are only a call to prayer for the local satanic collective, your GH was following standard protocol by securing non believers within.

Usually the all night backpacker roasting ends around 7am and normality is restored, so it's better to grab the extra hour sleep before attempting to venture out.

If you are a backpacker be sure to be in bed before the witching hour, or you too could be invited to the roasting, as a main course!

KSG out...

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