24 December 2010


Dear Compiler(s),
My recent sojourn to Kampot in Nov-Dec resulted in the loss of a 5.2 karat (6mm x 4mm x 3mm) emerald doublet pendant somewhere between the market and Mea Culpa, just as the roads were starting to dry. The most likely place was near a lady selling drinks from a stall, possibly in the vicinity of the steamed-bun seller. I would like the emerald back; while it doesn't have sentimental value, it's worth a shit-load. If found or seen hanging around someone's neck, please let Ben at Mea Culpa know.

Oh, and enough of the 'gay' cracks. (That wasn't a gay crack, either.)


Dear non Compiler,

We at the KSG take every case reported seriously, thats why we are replying to you. Our dedicated team of reporters come activists are rarely off the hot scenes, but alas this sorry tale seemed to miss our team entirely.

Thanks to local Police and Governmental Departments I am now sure Kampot is well on the way to recovering your lost gem. Indeed all local authorities are agreed that the return of your lost gem is paramount, all streets on the route you specified have been excavated and the process of removing squatters is nearly complete.

KSG HQ is sure some time in the next while there may be some progress on your quest and therefore wishes to take less piss from the peoples less involved.

In future expect shorter emails...

Pot out...

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