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31 August 2019

KSG Reborn

Well then, the past six weeks have been frantic to say the least! Four weeks of sales followed by a couple of weeks to strap the whole thing together ready for print. But what can I say, wa-hey we made it! Issue 47 is at the printers and will be delivered on Tuesday. If you can't wait that long to get a look at the guide you can download a copy below.

Anyway, for this issue I have to thank Gilly and Kate for working so well with the advertisers and filling our re-launch issue, may the gods be blessing you both as I do!

Much many thanks go out to Keven B. for his massive contribution of the most up-to-date Kep maps ever made, nice one bud!

Thanks also go out to the islander Donkey Dave for getting it together for an afternoon and submitting his first article, and of course we thank his mentor Mark who kept the fluids flowing until completion.

We too have to thank our advertisers who have made this relaunch possible, I am in your debt.

Well then, here you go, the new issue 47, hot in the press, still.

KSG Issue 47

24 June 2019

American Ponds

These few pics are from an unfinished project the late Alan Headteaser was working on, they show how in the last few years the Cambodian farmers have been able to fill in the mass of ponds the US Air Forces gifted them in the 60's and 70's.



20 June 2019

Cambodia, the Steam Liner

There used to be a steam liner called Cambodia, and apparently it looked like this...