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12 April 2011

Tiny Kampot Maps?

While Irvin is away, we play!  Well not really, it is a thing thats happening and it's now advertised in the guide.

We at the KSG would also like to welcome Fran to the writing team, he is already at work on a startling revelation that will affect everyone within the next year, needless to say this is all very under wraps at the mo but we totally look forward to his contribution.

Anaway, welcome to the KSG Fran, me is sure you will enjoy your new position (seated).

08 April 2011

Issue 20 hits... something?

Issue 20 has sadly been well delayed, steps have been taken to stem these delays, but with Pot businesses opening and closing at such a pace we cannot keep up, sorry.  Even our last map release was outdated a day after posting, sad times.

Sod all that we are going to print!

We are however proud of our latest offering, fork knows why but you may find it useful and our hours of toil will (may be ) not in vain.


We are off again and this time have to thank... 

Bokor Mountain Lodge
Green Star 
Kep Gardens Ass. 
Mea Culpa
Olly's Place 
Salt + Pepper 
Tiny Kampot Pillows

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Alan (Head Teaser)

Download on the right as usual...

06 April 2011

GPS Findings.

We have been GPSed for only a short time but have already made good use of this new toy, below is a snippet of a map from the Yale uni with the US bombing sites marked on it, after calibrating this map we managed to confirm Utopia was bombed during the troubles, we may also speculate that they have a true American pond.