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21 February 2009


Possibly the first complaint about the KSG has been recieved, and no surprise it was from a tight arse backpacker, here is the section that offended the overly sensitive backpack clad lassie.

"Backpackers. Known as snails to Pot-Pats, pregnant if wearing two backpacks. Normally seen walking from GH to GH while fully packed, being too damn tight to pay for a moto driver or tuk tuk that would help them (yes you, put my guide back you tight git!). Generally welcomed in city bars as long as the money is good, rumours of backpackers being shot on sight in Kep are unfounded".

Lucky she wasn't a hippy ea!

Anyway just as we prepared a politically correct version of the guide we will now make a backpacker version, though it may well be empty.

17 February 2009

Jack the Father Reinstated.

After sterling work reporting the weekends rugby JF has again earned his post of ace reporter, currently he is in the West Indies covering the cricket, bless his little sock clad feet.

Welcome back Jack and keep up the good work.

13 February 2009

The streets have been hit!

300 copies of the KSG issue 11 have been delivered so far.

Work on issue 12 has already began, stay tuned.

Shocking News!

The latest version of the Kampot Survival Guide is available as a pdf file, thanks to the cool guys at File Den, bless em.

Download it here Kampot Survival Guide Issue 11

I'ts big so think twice about it, 10.4Mb.

12 February 2009

Gone to Print!

The KSG is up and running again, officially!

Issue 11 has gone to print at last, many thanks go out to this months Sponsors.

Akashi Cafe
Bart the Boatman
Blissful Guest House
DJ Feeds
Mea Culpa Guest House
Utopia Guest House

600 copies should hit the streets in a couple of days, so watch out.

09 February 2009

Deadlines Looming

The KSG is on the verge of print yet again, only one sponsor is dragging heels with artwork.

But we at the KSG have a back up plan, spare sponsors are queuing up to have their businesses included, so beware, the KSG's new hard approach to lazy sponsors will mean that you will be left out if... you are late with artwork or payment.

Next months guide will be growing from the 16 pages of issue 11 up to 20 pages, therefore there will be tons more space for the quickest sponsors, deadline for issue 12 is the 5th of March

Sizes for adds.
Qtr page h97mm x w69mm
Banner h48mm x w138mm
Half h97mm x w138mm

04 February 2009

KSG Issue 11 Finally Gets to Proof Stage.

The first proof of the Kampot Survival Guide Issue 11 hits the streets and sells out all available advertising space in hours, not days as before, it seems the business owners are pigged off with telling folks what they can do here, so life again rears for the guide.

The all old KSG Issue 11 will hit the streets within a week or so but in an all new, bold and black and white format, not the same same but a little different.

Advertisers, or as we now call them, sponsors, you will have to wait your turn, you may have a chance to advertise again, but you will have to pay in advance and get artwork in before our deadlines, I maen it!!!