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23 January 2011

Trouble looms.

Something has happened!

Censorship Concerns

It's time we moved to a website me thinks...

21 January 2011

The French Correction!

It's no big deal but we have been asked before for translations, so we have run the guts of the guide through Google translate and offer the output here for correction.

Is anybody interested in translating the KSG into French?  Please let us know in the usual ways.  By the way, it will need a lot of formatting.

Download "The French Correction"

On the print front, we are waiting on only one ad, so expect to see copies about before the end of the month.

10 January 2011

Calling all Proofta's

It's time to find nasties again, and unusually I can't credit all the advertisers yet, cos a few of them aren't in yet. Best those wanting to be in hurry up as soon I shall start looking for advertisers with artwork, you have all been warned many times, this one goes out in January, with or without you.

Issue 20 Proof