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09 January 2013

Issue 25 and beyond...

The long delayed issue 25 is at last rolling again, just some final spelling corrections to be made, proof is printed and final artwork adjustments are under way, expect to see copies within the week.

So this time we have to thank...

Bart the Boatman
Blissful Guest House
Blue Bar
Bluestar Real Estate
Cambo Eco Tours
Champa Lodge
Farm Link
Full of Beans
Ganesha Riverside Eco Resort
Green House
Keplers Books
Kampot Dreamtime Tours
Kampot Pie and Ice Cream Palace
Mea Culpa
Naga House
Oh Neils
Sausage Sizzle
Senor Sushi
Srey Mom's Cafe
Teuk Chhou Zoo
Tic Tik Tours
Tiny Kampot Pillows
Titch's Place

More Importantly we have to thank these wonderful submitters...

Irvin S
Alan HT
Uncle Fran

Anyway, all that done here's an update on our future.

Recently we temporally lost the facilities of file hosting, what did this mean? Well we lost all of our download files, all copies of the guide and all the maps. We have since been lucky enough to get them back but its a worry. In future we will probably only offer one download option, that way we can easily keep the blog etc updated and recover from any loss with ease.

Down to what we will be offering for download? Well probably just a cut down current issue with all ad's removed, allowing us to pop in as many pics as we want without the need to worry about a page count or advertisers.

It is also very doubtful that we will print large quantities of copies again, the last straw has damaged the camels back and none of us at the KSG want to deal with advertisers or artwork ever again. It's a shame but well...  you got five years of free work out of us and I think our work is done, all you have to do is look around, this place has changed, we have not.

We may however print copies for our own use, i.e. we will print our own and give them to customers, or maybe sell them, possibly even sell in bulk with the old single advert on the front, who knows.

There is still a chance we will produce the e-book version, so you may see QR code flyers appear in places with WIFI.

Nothing is certain except one thing, there is no way we are going to deal with as many advertisers again, its too time consuming to do for free. But as a way of compensation to the many advertisers that used to drive me mad by asking "how long does it run for?" well, this next issue runs for an extended period, a period in theory long enough for us to decide the guides future. So this issue runs for 100 years and 3 months, that equates to advertising costs as little as $0.20 per year, unbeatable!

bye for a bit...