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25 April 2010

Red is back to abnormal, as normal.

The partyin is over and the mess cleaned up, even the hardiest hangover has gone too.

Many thanks to the brave ones that turned up and made it one of the best nights the bar has ever seen, special thanks go out to the performers as their efforts made the night special, very special!

So God's bless Jose on flamenco guitar, Mark (smile tours) on mandolin, Frank on accordion, Eric (Bokor lodge) on guitar and Srey Mom and the backpacker on bongos.

On a different track, I19 is still scheduled to come out early next month, orders have been taken but duly forgotten as they were not written down, I shall endeavour to be more organised... One day.

Your input on this subject would be good, have a look at the link below and lets know what you think...

Southeast Asia Travel Photography and Writing Awards

Should we enter?

23 April 2010