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27 March 2013

Issue 26 is on target

Hi folks, as you can see we are on the rails again and in better shape than the railway.

We have had a major staff re-jig and come up with a compromise that works, basically none of us do sales anymore, we send email and then it's up to the advertisers to supply us with both artwork and money before deadline, its been tough on some but it's working.

So anyway, we are back to three monthly printing, if you want in contact the boys at ksgadsales(at)

Copies will be available from April 1st.

So this time we have to thank...

Bart the Boatman
Blissful Guest House
Blue Bar
Bluestar Real Estate
Cambo Eco Tours
Champa Lodge
Copper Pot
Farm Link
Full of Beans
Ganesha Riverside Eco Resort
Green House
Home Truths
Kampot Pie and Ice Cream Palace
Lost Art
Mea Culpa
Oh Neils
Senor Sushi
SHV Guide
Srey Mom's Cafe
Therapeutic Massage
Tic Tik Tours
Tiny Kampot Pillows
Titch's Place

More Importantly we have to thank these wonderful submitters...

Irvin S
Alan HT
Uncle Fran

12 March 2013

Issue 26 Deadline

Attn All Kampot Survival Guide Advertisers:

If you do not yet have your advertising copy and payment in to either Tiny Kampot Pillows or Steve at Srey Mum's Cafe (both at the 2000 roundabout) you will be too late to secure a spot in the April 1st issue of the guide. Period.

It is entirely up to YOU to get YOUR act together in time to beat the deadline! There will be no extensions. Period.

For over 5 years the KSG has been Kampot’s single most important publication. It is designed to give up to date information on Kampot AND to drive customers to YOUR door. As the most widely distributed guide in Kampot it is THE one publication you don't want to miss out on for promoting YOUR business.

We will only be printing as many copies of the guide as we receive advertising payment for. ONLY advertisers will get copies to distribute to their customers.


REMEMBER if you miss the March 15th DEADLINE….
Too bad. So sad. No ad.


The KSG Team 

Advertising With The Kampot Survival Guide (KSG)

When We Print And Deadlines For Advertising

  1. The next edition of The Kampot Survival Guide goes to print on the 1st April.
  1. Submission of - and payment for - your advertisement must be received by us no later than March 15th This is to allow us time to collate the magazine prior to print and ensure that it is distributed punctually.
  2. In the event that you submit an advertisement to us but we have not received payment for your advertisement by March 15th, we will not be able to print your advertisement.
  3. In the event that you pay us for advertising space but do not provide us with your advertising graphic or image by March 15th, we will run your advertisement as a plain text ad (no graphic) identifying your business or organisation as the advertiser.
  4. We cannot accept any advertisement that is lodged after this date nor can we accept any request for changes to an advertisement after the March 15th deadline.

What Image Format You Should Use For Your Advertisement
  1. Your advertisement can be given to us in either JPEG or PNG formats.
  1. We request that you do not submit your advertisement to us in any other format as it may be totally incompatible with our desktop publishing software or require extensive manipulation resulting in a loss of clarity and impact of your advertisement.

Types And Sizes Of Advertising Spaces

  1. Advertising spaces in The Kampot Survival Guide are available in either Banner, Portrait or Half Page configurations. A Banner or Portrait equates to a quarter page of advertising space.
  1. A Banner size space is Width 138mm x Height 48mm.
  2. A Portrait sized space is Width 69mm x Height 97mm.
  3. A Half Page is Width 138mm x Height 97mm.
    Note: It is strongly recommended that your advertisement is designed to accurately fit the above sizes and displays well before you give it to us. We will endeavour to resize your advertisement if the size is incorrect however the resizing may once again result in a loss of clarity and impact of your advertisement.

What Your Advertisement Should Look Like Before You Give It To Us

  1. You can submit your advertisement to us in colour or in grey-scale (black and white).
  1. It is strongly recommended that your advertisement image is of the highest quality possible before you submit it.
  2. As a general guide, your advertisement will present best in the hard copy of our magazine if it is crisp, sharp, uncluttered and eye catching when viewed as a grey-scale image.
  3. If you give us your advertisement as a colour image, we will convert it to grey-scale for printing in the hard copy of the magazine. Your advertisement will display in colour in the downloadable PDF version.
    Note: the design and creation of your advertisement is your responsibility. We do not have the resources i.e. a graphic design department to create the advertisement for you
Our Fees For Advertising

  1. Our costs for Advertising have been simplified. For three months of advertising, the prices are:
  1. A Quarter page Banner or Portrait space inside the magazine is $20.
  2. A Half Page space is $40
  3. A Front Page Banner (quarter page) space is $40
    Note: The Front Page Banner space will be available on a first in – first served basis i.e. the first person, business or organisation to request the space and submit their advertisement to us together with payment.
Note: If you have a preference for where your advertisement appears in the KSG, we will attempt to allocate that space to you. Please be aware that it will not always be possible for us to do this when there are competing demands for a space or the layout of the magazine precludes it.

How To Submit Your Advertisement And Your Payment To Us

    6. You can submit your advertisement to us in either of the following ways:
  1. Send your advertisement to us as an attachment by e-mail to ksgadsales(at) In your e-mail, please provide a Contact Name, a Contact Phone Number, a Contact E-Mail Address, the Name of Your Business and the Type Of Advertising Space you want – Banner, Portrait or Half Page.
    Note: We will send you a reply e-mail acknowledging that we have received your advertisement and advising you when payment is due for your ad. To pay for your advertisement – see below
  2. Place your advertisement on a Flash Drive and drop it off, together with your payment, at the Tiny Kampot Pillows shop at the 2000 traffic roundabout in Kampot. The owner/manager of the shop speaks Khmer and English. The shop is usually open between 10 am and 7 pm. You will be given a form to complete stating Name, Business Name, Contact Phone Number, E-Mail address and the type of Advertising Space you want – Banner, Portrait or Half Page. Your completed form, flash drive and payment will be placed in an envelope for KSG staff to collect. You will be provided with a receipt for your payment.
    Note: When KSG staff have collected your advertisement and payment, we will advise you by e-mail that we have received them and that your advertising space has been booked with us. We will arrange with you for the most convenient way to return your Flash Drive.
    Note: If either of the above methods are not convenient for you, you can e-mail us at ksgadsales(at) to discuss alternatives.
Thank you,
The Kampot Survival Guide