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27 October 2010


Have you seen this man?  Is he very small or the paper big?

21 October 2010

19.02 is off to print.

It's done, copies will be out shortly or as per...  downloads on the right.

In the single ad version we have some of Johnathon's drawings and even one painting, so we is getting cultured too, ave a look.

This is also a good point that i tire of reminding people, we are a colour rag. Tis just we only normally print in b+w, so if you offer artwork, do it in colour!

The map too is updated showing the ever changing state of Pot bar choices.

20 October 2010

Proofing 19.02

We have a proof for you to check out, not all of the artwork is in yet so ignore the blank spaces, they will be filled!  But do try to find the little horrors I have injected since the last issue, it would be nice to go to print without the errors for once.

Issue 19.02 Proof

Many thanks go out to this months sponsors...

Alley Cat Cafe
Blissful GH
Farm Link, Kampot Pepper
Mea Culpa GH
Olly's Place
Tiny Kampot Pillows
Utopia GH

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Alan (Head Teaser)
Kate the Editor

18 October 2010


We are in negotiations with a local English school who is equipped with colour printers, they assure me they can handle large print runs and keen to take on our needs.

So what does this mean?  Well it means we may start work on a full colour for sale souvenir edition, filling the fella with pics of the things we describe so badly.

There you go then, and you thought we were just messing about here, I tell ya it's all going on round here!

14 October 2010

Space filled for next print run, but not for the one after...

Yes we are at that point again, waiting for artwork. Thankfully all the advertisers are keen to push on so we won't be waiting long, me hopes, but from experience I think we are still at least a week away from print.

Export only print runs are also under way, by this we mean to find advertisers from other cities and print copies exclusively for distribution in that city, that is if the individual advertisers want that, if not their copies can be distributed here along with the Pot run.

Issue 19.01 still has legs in it as today we took two orders of 100 copies each.  This single advert issue will continue to be available as it's ideal for guest house's.

So let's recap...
Issue 19.01,  the single advert issue available for $15 per batch of 100.
Issue 19.02,  the eight advert issue with revolving print runs has adverts available from $20 for inside, or $30 for the front cover, each time we fill the ad space we will print again, always in batches of 1000.
Issue 19.02 Export Only Edition,  exactly the same as the standard 19.02 but with the option of print run sizes. For a 500 copy print run the front page ad is $15 and inside it's $10. For 1000 copies the same as the standard 19.02 prices.

Issue 19.01, you do your own.
Issue 19.02, either you take your share and do with them as you will, or you trust me to give them out, or anything in between, i.e. for $20 ad you get 154 copies, you could save 50 and let me distribute the rest. For the $30 ad you would get 230 copies.
Issue 19.02 Export Only Edition, all as above but for the 500 copy print run, for $15 you get 115 copies and for $10 you get 77, copies can be delivered to you in your city (or space in Kep's case) or spread around the Pot by me, up to you.

Deadlines.  We don't have any!  As we only have a set number of ad spaces available, we take ad's all the time, printing each time we have filled the spaces, rotating positions so all can have a go at being on the front.

Ad Sizes.   We have two sizes, banner and quarter page.  Banner 138mm wide by 48mm high, quarter 69mm wide by 97mm high.

All issues available are updated continually so they will be up to date when you get them.

Inspired?  Well get to work on some artwork and get in on the next print run.

p.s. Hello Mountain View, California.

04 October 2010

Space Filling.

Issue 19.02 is on the verge of completion and thanks to modern compression techniques it has gained some space, there will be six extra ad spaces within it.

So if you have a wanting to spread the word about your business, it may be for you.

We have the front page banner up for grabs with five qtr page ad's going cheap.

Get in quick if you want to book the front page, it will be rotated between the sponsors so all will have a chance of grabbing this most favorite spot.

Initially we will print 1000 copies, there is no deadline either as we will just keep filling the ad spaces and printing more batches of 1000, rotating the ad's and placements as we go, copies will be distributed everywhere, like we used to.

Hope that pleases some of you more grumpy sponsors, but don't forget, it's easier for me to drop you now if you don't get ya artwork ready!