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26 October 2009

That time of the month.

Yep, it's time to start proof reading, grab a copy below and do try and find the nasties, an honorable mention to anyone who finds the horrors before me.

Kampot Survival Guide Issue 17 Proof 01

Many thanks go out to this months sponsors...

Akashi Cafe
Alaska Night Club
Bar-Red GH
Bart the Boatman
Blissful GH
Bokor Mountain Lodge
DJ Feeds Yurt & Tipi Town

Epic Arts Cafe
Handicraft Cafe & Spa

Honey Bar
Kepler's Books
Keyman Tours
Mac's Tours
Magic Sponge GH
Mr Mao's Tuk Tuk

Mea Culpa GH
Moon's GH
Nataya Roundhouse Coral Bay Resort
Orchid GH
Rikitikitavi GH
Sisters II
Sok Lim Tours
Sundowner Tavern
Tiny Kampot Pillows
Utopia GH
Whats hot in Kampot

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Kate the Editor
Captain Frank
Alan (Head Teaser)

18 October 2009

Airport nears completion.

Kampot airport is on the verge of re-opening some thirty years after its last scheduled flight.

Although the project is controversial it will be a boost to Kampot and its surroundings, local and international flights are due to commence early next year with only the clearance of the flight path awaiting completion.

Sadly the airport was constructed before environmental studies were completed, thus we all know now that the largest part of the project remains to be completed, the flight path.

Due to the orientation of the airport the flight path for landings will take planes dangerously close to Bokor mountain, so close so in fact that 20% of the mountain will have to be removed before scheduled flights begin, sadly this removal will also remove the new road being constructed.

KSG officials are monitoring the works on the airport and Mountain so stay tuned for updates.

Pic of the new airport taken from Bokor Hill (in the flight path).

14 October 2009


Yes we have had to adopt a queueing system, new sponsors are having to wait in line for inclusion in the KSG, indeed the January issue will be dead mans shoes only as it's unlikely the guide will expand to 32 pages, yet.

Deadline for I17 is getting close, so if you are changing your artwork be quick, also if you are new to the KSG your artwork should be in, else another sponsor may well steal your place.

Remember, artwork and payment! It's the only way to get ya add's in the KSG.


10 October 2009

Lost beauty.

It's horid but progress has hit hard at KSG HQ, have a look what's been lost from view from the KSG heleport...

All demoloshed in the last few days, tragic.

07 October 2009

Work started.

All advertising space is now filled, one submission is in, it's time to start work!

Any ideas for I17 need to come in soon to assure inclusion, any updates you feel are necessary too.

Irvin has been busy fabricating news and he is sure to amaze us again with classic exclusives, you will read it first here, and probably last too.

Captain Frank has been prompt and his fishy bits are securely in place, he has been a victim of our two monthly print runs as he is still working monthly, so don't tell him!

I17 will unleash a new KSG logo that will cover a quarter page, it's not been designed yet so if you feel like having a go at designing one feel free, it'll be the same size as a qtr page add, drop off ya efforts to our email address, in .eps format please.