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29 September 2009

Damp squib

We were spared! It seems the floods were caused by a pre organised release of water from the dam site, so it seems they have the power? Who knows but it's a bloody pest to the poor sods that keep getting flooded, Chinese are not well liked here at the mo.

More interesting is the other near miss we have had with the weather, or should I say so far...

The track of tropical storm Ketsana.
Image stolen from

25 September 2009

More bloody floods!

Yes it's happening again, Utopia and Bart have started to go under again, low tide is another hour away then it's the steady rise of fluid till the next high... flood!

24 September 2009


In December Kampot will be hosting CAMBOFEST 09, in their words...

CAMBOFEST: Film, Video & Animation Festival of Cambodia is the first international independent movie festival in Cambodia. Now in our 3rd year, CAMBOFEST sets a standard for the region by screening all movies only with the permission of copyright holders."

Best of all is they may well be using the old cinema, well I tell ya, I'm gonna be there!

Check out these links...

16 September 2009

Space to fill.

As yet no work at all has been done on issue 17, so there is tons of space to fill, tons. If you have any ideas or submissions I would love to see them, even pics n drawings etc.

The number of sponsors is about to jump up again with three confirmed extras so far, also some existing sponsors want to up their add space, so some of that space will be filled.

On the subject of staff, the KSG has been rocked by the loss of one of our Art Directors, he tells us he is going on an undercover mission whose details are still classified, whatever he is up to we wish him luck in the future.

All of Kampot will surely be off to Utopia on Saturday as they host an end of flooding party, anyone who misses out will be classified as gay. So get ya kit ready for some serious partyin.

10 September 2009

16 has gone to print.

At last 16 makes it to print, it's still full of horrors as this language still confuses me, anyway enjoy, download on left as usual.

The floods have left us, left us with another bloody mess! Me thinks everybody has been hit by the last floods as the levels were much higher than last time, and after some serious level watching the KSG staff have cracked the reasons behind the floods, apart from all the bloody rain it seems the tides were once again against us, cop some of this...

A normal tide cycle.

The odd tide cycle we have.

07 September 2009

Going under!

Three days of rain has once again overwhelmed the new flood defence barrier, the Pot has gone under.

Currently KSG HQ is bailing out but serious damage has been avoided, water levels got to less than an inch from claiming the whole ground floor.

The tide is going out at the mo but the next high tide is due at 2am, the waters have receded but only about 6", and its raining hard again.

Gods be with us...