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30 July 2009

KSG News.

Trail of destruction follows the rain. A series of tragic accidents have crippled the Pot since the floods. Both the rail system and the ferries were badly hit leaving the city with a huge bill for repairs, here are a couple of pics that show the current situation. Many thanks again to JF, our man on the spot.

Train misses station and hits downtown.

Kampot river ferry runs aground.

Rain forces Pot-pats to extremes.
Due to the battering the rains gave us over the last two weeks, steps are being taken to protect the Pots residents, below is a pic submitted by JF that shows the progress so far on the Pots own ark. The construction site is still secret with only JF and the KSG knowing its location, so don't ask!

Kampot Ark in construction.

28 July 2009


Anonymous said...

Grab yourself a taste of Captain Frank and his crew performing, on you tube!

The Dealbreakers - Full Moon In Bangkok

Cheers PJ

23 July 2009

KSG Issue 16 started, already!

Basic layout for Issue 16 is complete, two submitions are in and work if only in thought process is continuing on the other two contributions.

What is obvious now is we need a new picture for the front cover, I have run out of old pics from the 60's. So here is a chance for you talented types, supply us a pic and get the credit you be due, a listing on the thanks in this blog!

13 July 2009

KSG News.

36 hours of rain brings the Pot to the brink. As it stands Kampot is running at 50% usability with much of the city and surroundings slowly going under, some places are even popping up again like Utopia who had a torrid night and reported a depth of nearly 1m at the bar.

Movie being shot in da Pot. Yes we have it all going on here and its even got a local theme, i.e. local boy comes good, more on this one later but have a look at the link for now...

Filming in progress outside KSG HQ. Image from the movies website and butchered by me.

TV. Amazing news, Kampot now has more channels, yep from now on you will have more poop to choose from.

Kamchay Dam a fake? X-Ace reporter JF has again been working undercover to bring us all the truth, this time its the dam he suspects. Aparently the dam project is just a cover, JF tells us that the whole project is to build a massive dry dock and the rock work is just a distraction, he also supplied this photo as evedence, we look forward to his full report soon.

02 July 2009

It's Out!

Issue 15 finally goes to print, copies will be distributed tomorrow or download a crisp new pdf from the left.