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14 May 2011

Sad times...

Be warned!  Here be an email warning.


We were in Kampot a few days ago and absolutely loved it there.  Your guide was very, very funny and useful.

Unfortunately one night we were cycling home by the waterfront and 3 boys on a moto drove up to us and asked where we were going, then they drove into my path and stole a bag out of my bicycle basket.  It was just $5 worth of toiletries so no worries but it was a bit shocking in such a lovely, peaceful town.  I wondered whether you might want to warn people not to store anything in their bicycle baskets in the next edition.  Our guesthouse owner was really shocked and upset - apparently it never happens in Kampot.  It didn't taint our view of the lovely town and I know I probably shouldn't have had the bag in the front but just wanted to try and prevent it happening to anyone else.

Congratulations on living in such a lovely place!


Yo Lizi,

sad to hear about your bog bag, as you noted it's not a common thing here, bog bags or theft.

we will be updating the KSG for the next print run and this point is already penciled in, actually we update it on every print run and issue, until reciently we thought the theft problem to be so minor we have neglected to change the listing, feel assured the loss of your toiletries has truly shaken us to the core and we can no longer ignore this growing menace.

Theft will be updated in the next run of the KSG, feel assured.

yours sincerely,

steve j (with a "P")

03 May 2011

Pre-fabricated Ponds

We, or me at the KSG have found a new passion, mapping the remains of the American Pre-fabricated Pond Project that ran from 1965 to the early 70's. Many fine examples of these drop in ponds survive in working order and that's what we are surveying now, have a look at the beautiful examples below.

These babies live just outside our fair city towards the not so secret lake.

Sadly since the project ceased in 1973 and its funding never budgeted for maintenance, these may well be the last ponds the Americans give us, therefore we should look after them.