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04 July 2013

Issue 27 hits the Cloud.

Well then, we are off again with a new issue and a new file hosting solution, Ubuntu One, have a go at it from this link...

So this time we have to thank...

Blissful Guest House
Bluestar Real Estate
Champa Lodge
Clean Sweep
Farm Link
Ganesha Riverside Eco Resort
Gin Palace
Green House
Kampot Pie and Ice Cream Palace
Kampot Riverside Hotel
The Magic Sponge
Mea Culpa
Moon River Lodge
Oh Neils
Senor Sushi
Srey Mom's Cafe
Tic Tik Tours
Tiny Kampot Pillows
Titch's Place

More Importantly we have to thank these wonderful submitters...

Irvin S
Alan HT
Uncle Fran