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27 April 2009

14 goes to print.

Its made it at last, to print that is. Copies are available for download on the left and hard copies as soon as the printers have finished their work. You will be glad to know the download is smaller this month, down to 4Mb so it should be easier for those of us with challenged connections.

To wet your whistle here's a pic of the monster taken from a guest house on the front.

The pic was actually taken by Ace reporter Irvin but with assistance from Ace reporter JF.

Back Issues.
These were intended for print at an internet cafe, so the formatting is going to make it difficult to read. For it all to make sense you will have to print it out and fold it, good luck.

Issue 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

I think you will all agree it looks far better now.

21 April 2009

Early Promotions!

Even before issue 14 hits the streets the Kampot Survival Guide has already promoted its latest staff member. Irvin S no less, has inspired the management so much that he has been rapidly shifted to the pinnacle of Kampot Survival Guide rankings, he is indeed an ACE Reporter!

All Praise should go to him. Expect to see Irvin credited as ACE from issue 15 onwards.

KSG News.

Kampot Survival Guide print run exceeds that of several PP glossy rags. (this one is a fact!)

Local GH expels Lonely Planet reporter in error.

Reports of land mines on new bridge proven false.

Frenchman seen in Kep.

The Bar-Red one year open party still secret to those not invited.

KSG Help Request.

The Kampot Survival Guide requires help, as well you know, or don't know, we do this all for nothing. All the advertising revenue is spent on printing, yep we are daft but its a bit of fun and it helps visitors stop asking the same old questions, and thus annoying x-pats. What we need is passing people who know a little about IT, the internet, blogs, webshites n stuff, the things me as a stoopid come backwards Kampoter can't do.

What we want to do is make our little guide fit on the net, its not right as a blog, it should be set up as a site, with pictures. All this we (I) have but not the net knoledge we need.

So start volunteering, or I will send me X-Wife to visit your parents!

16 April 2009

Khmai New Year Delays.

It's still the middle of the new years celebrations and KSG staff are shagged out, working on more than one project at this time of year is taxing at best, for sometimes painful.

Anyway the print run is halted till the crazyness is over, so copies will be out in less than a week, and sorry no sneak previews as downloads, the only visible proof stays with me till print.

KSG News Headlines.

KSG staff venture into Kep and get cold welcome.

Bar-Red turns one year old.

Bokor opens and 80% of Pot-Pats visit.

Somali pirates lay claim to Kep.

Icelandic tourist seen in Kampot.

13 April 2009

Issue 14 proofed again.

The final proof of Issue 14 is printed, it looks good with lots of new input, possibly the best, no it is the best ever issue we have produced. Final jigging will be done over the next day or so and then its straight off to print.

Many thanks go out to this months sponsors...

Akashi Cafe
Bar-Red GH
Bart the Boatman
Blissful GH
Bokor Mountain Lodge
DJ Feeds Tipi Town
Honey Bar
Irvin's Kampot Pillows
Kampot Gift Shop
Keyman Tours
Mea Culpa GH
Moons GH
Orchid GH
Rikitikitavi GH
Rusty Keyhole Bar
Sisters II
Sok Lim Tours

Utopia GH

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Captain Frank
Jack the Father
The Kampot Community

Gods be blessing you all.

09 April 2009

KSG News.

Kampot social club holds first meeting and gets battered by unseasonal rains. DJ Feeds steered the lucky few up river on his boat to Utopia where all supped merrily, until the skys grew angry and the few set off, the rains held off till half of the journey was completed, then the happy few got wet. All agreed though, it was a great day, so many thanks go out to DJ Feeds for his helmsmanship and hospitality, he also plans to run the boat trips weekly for the x-pats, so be at his house sunday at 2pm for another free cruise, bring beer!

Issue 14 almost ready for printers, expect copies to be out soon, well after Khmai new year.

Headlines from Issue 14.

Kampots flood defense barrier nears completion just in time.

Kampot boycotts the G20 summit.

Kampot underground rail system approaches opening.

River monster scares shite out of locals and tourists alike.