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28 December 2010

Old n new.

The Mayor's office on Bokor hill in the 1960's.
The same building today, complete with battle damage.
Cheers Kate.

25 December 2010

More emails!

Reid Harlocker wrote...

Fantastic piece of information, the best I've found in SEA.

I'm hoping that you might help me to understand why I am presently locked in my GH. I started reading the guide last evening prior to the power failure. Fortunately my torch was at the ready because I was LMAO in the middle of local characters.

Any way I was up and ready for a walk at 6A but found myself trapped by a locked gate with a rather large lock just outside my room. So is this for my safety, the gate and the barb wire ringed concrete wall, or are the worried someone will skip out on the 15 per night bill?


Dear Inmate.

It seems you have stumbled upon one of the Pot's secrets!  As all Pot-Pat's know, power cuts are only a call to prayer for the local satanic collective, your GH was following standard protocol by securing non believers within.

Usually the all night backpacker roasting ends around 7am and normality is restored, so it's better to grab the extra hour sleep before attempting to venture out.

If you are a backpacker be sure to be in bed before the witching hour, or you too could be invited to the roasting, as a main course!

KSG out...

24 December 2010

Mappin da coast...

It's a work in progress thing and intended for Issue 20, mainly produced to take the piss out of the Coastal guides efforts, best you try harder Stef!

Phase 2 of the Red De-Fit for Alan as requested.

All these were taken the night of completion, the Bar as yet unused, it's been well used ever since.


Dear Compiler(s),
My recent sojourn to Kampot in Nov-Dec resulted in the loss of a 5.2 karat (6mm x 4mm x 3mm) emerald doublet pendant somewhere between the market and Mea Culpa, just as the roads were starting to dry. The most likely place was near a lady selling drinks from a stall, possibly in the vicinity of the steamed-bun seller. I would like the emerald back; while it doesn't have sentimental value, it's worth a shit-load. If found or seen hanging around someone's neck, please let Ben at Mea Culpa know.

Oh, and enough of the 'gay' cracks. (That wasn't a gay crack, either.)


Dear non Compiler,

We at the KSG take every case reported seriously, thats why we are replying to you. Our dedicated team of reporters come activists are rarely off the hot scenes, but alas this sorry tale seemed to miss our team entirely.

Thanks to local Police and Governmental Departments I am now sure Kampot is well on the way to recovering your lost gem. Indeed all local authorities are agreed that the return of your lost gem is paramount, all streets on the route you specified have been excavated and the process of removing squatters is nearly complete.

KSG HQ is sure some time in the next while there may be some progress on your quest and therefore wishes to take less piss from the peoples less involved.

In future expect shorter emails...

Pot out...

18 December 2010

Phase 1 of Red de-fit

 Mom stashes bills in the new drawers.
 Amazing new spaces to fill with things.
 Stunning new foot rail.
 Even the shortest of short arses are comfortable.
Extension installed and already in use as the boys enjoy live ashes commentary.

09 December 2010

New print runs...

We are off again and this time have to thank...

Akashi Cafe
Bokor Mountain Lodge
El Dealbreakers
Homestay Cafe
Mea Culpa
Tiny Kampot Pillows

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Alan (Head Teaser)

The download section has been busy over the past month, actually it is busy every month, with the guide being downloaded over 150 times this month.  Grab a copy of the latest effort below, it's a little changed re-print but the ad's look nice in colour.

Issue 19.03 Download

12 November 2010


We at the KSG have been toying with new methods of delivery, to say the least we have been inspired by two projects that have been instrumental in a major redesign in our guide.

Have a look at these two links and figure out yourself what we are planning...

First Project

Second Project

Changing the subject a little, one of our rep's recently had the pleasure of meeting a reporter for the "Rough Guide", a nice lass with a manly name.  Anyhow she was most forthwith and gladly told us all about her assignment, which will take her 6 weeks to complete, her publishers kindly paying her economy class flight ticket and furnishing her with a swelling budget of $20/day. 

It really makes me think, well think of how much LP pays for the same service.

So, is it money that makes a good guide?

01 November 2010

27 October 2010


Have you seen this man?  Is he very small or the paper big?

21 October 2010

19.02 is off to print.

It's done, copies will be out shortly or as per...  downloads on the right.

In the single ad version we have some of Johnathon's drawings and even one painting, so we is getting cultured too, ave a look.

This is also a good point that i tire of reminding people, we are a colour rag. Tis just we only normally print in b+w, so if you offer artwork, do it in colour!

The map too is updated showing the ever changing state of Pot bar choices.

20 October 2010

Proofing 19.02

We have a proof for you to check out, not all of the artwork is in yet so ignore the blank spaces, they will be filled!  But do try to find the little horrors I have injected since the last issue, it would be nice to go to print without the errors for once.

Issue 19.02 Proof

Many thanks go out to this months sponsors...

Alley Cat Cafe
Blissful GH
Farm Link, Kampot Pepper
Mea Culpa GH
Olly's Place
Tiny Kampot Pillows
Utopia GH

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Alan (Head Teaser)
Kate the Editor

18 October 2010


We are in negotiations with a local English school who is equipped with colour printers, they assure me they can handle large print runs and keen to take on our needs.

So what does this mean?  Well it means we may start work on a full colour for sale souvenir edition, filling the fella with pics of the things we describe so badly.

There you go then, and you thought we were just messing about here, I tell ya it's all going on round here!

14 October 2010

Space filled for next print run, but not for the one after...

Yes we are at that point again, waiting for artwork. Thankfully all the advertisers are keen to push on so we won't be waiting long, me hopes, but from experience I think we are still at least a week away from print.

Export only print runs are also under way, by this we mean to find advertisers from other cities and print copies exclusively for distribution in that city, that is if the individual advertisers want that, if not their copies can be distributed here along with the Pot run.

Issue 19.01 still has legs in it as today we took two orders of 100 copies each.  This single advert issue will continue to be available as it's ideal for guest house's.

So let's recap...
Issue 19.01,  the single advert issue available for $15 per batch of 100.
Issue 19.02,  the eight advert issue with revolving print runs has adverts available from $20 for inside, or $30 for the front cover, each time we fill the ad space we will print again, always in batches of 1000.
Issue 19.02 Export Only Edition,  exactly the same as the standard 19.02 but with the option of print run sizes. For a 500 copy print run the front page ad is $15 and inside it's $10. For 1000 copies the same as the standard 19.02 prices.

Issue 19.01, you do your own.
Issue 19.02, either you take your share and do with them as you will, or you trust me to give them out, or anything in between, i.e. for $20 ad you get 154 copies, you could save 50 and let me distribute the rest. For the $30 ad you would get 230 copies.
Issue 19.02 Export Only Edition, all as above but for the 500 copy print run, for $15 you get 115 copies and for $10 you get 77, copies can be delivered to you in your city (or space in Kep's case) or spread around the Pot by me, up to you.

Deadlines.  We don't have any!  As we only have a set number of ad spaces available, we take ad's all the time, printing each time we have filled the spaces, rotating positions so all can have a go at being on the front.

Ad Sizes.   We have two sizes, banner and quarter page.  Banner 138mm wide by 48mm high, quarter 69mm wide by 97mm high.

All issues available are updated continually so they will be up to date when you get them.

Inspired?  Well get to work on some artwork and get in on the next print run.

p.s. Hello Mountain View, California.

04 October 2010

Space Filling.

Issue 19.02 is on the verge of completion and thanks to modern compression techniques it has gained some space, there will be six extra ad spaces within it.

So if you have a wanting to spread the word about your business, it may be for you.

We have the front page banner up for grabs with five qtr page ad's going cheap.

Get in quick if you want to book the front page, it will be rotated between the sponsors so all will have a chance of grabbing this most favorite spot.

Initially we will print 1000 copies, there is no deadline either as we will just keep filling the ad spaces and printing more batches of 1000, rotating the ad's and placements as we go, copies will be distributed everywhere, like we used to.

Hope that pleases some of you more grumpy sponsors, but don't forget, it's easier for me to drop you now if you don't get ya artwork ready!

26 September 2010

Band Update.

After two years of rumors solid proof has started to land on the KSG's (city) desk, ACE reporter JF has once again sniffed out the truth from a most confusing pile of lies and half truths.

In his exclusive report he states the much anticipated world first "Ivor Biggun Tribute Band" has been formed in Kampot, He also says the band played to a confused Khmer audience as they had been booked for a wedding, this their first appearance and possibly their last to Khmer wedding goers.

Deeper into JF's report he speculates as to the identities of the band members and their ability to keep up their day jobs amidst all the media hype, only time will tell.

Many thanks go out to JF for his beautifully written report which will surely be used in Issue 20. 

Coming soon...

15 September 2010

Issue 19.02 nears completion

Not much has changed with 19.02 but we have won some space, half a page in total and it shall be used by giving the sponsor another qtr page ad inside with possibly the map below in the other qtr.

So what do you think?

07 September 2010

This, I could not resist.

These pics are of the same train, but many years apart. 
The engine remains where it once worked, on an island in Laos.

Just a year ago...

We remember!

Last September was a trying time for most Pot-Pat's, though for some the floods were just good fun.

Many thanks go out to the Viking for these pics.

29 August 2010

KSG News Flash.

Max the Utopian, who has been on an extended overseas assignment since September last year has just broken his cover. We are informed that his Euro mission is almost complete and he is planning to return to the Pot within eight months.

Max, being a founder member of the "Kampot Unsocial Club" will be most warmly welcomed back, especially as the Pot's rudeness standards have noticeably dropped since he left. So we look forward to his return and also to the return of rudeness, hurry home Max!

Copies of Issue 19.01 have been delivered to:
Blissful GH 

Homestay Cafe

The total printed so far is only 400 with 50+ downloads, further batches of copies are awaiting artwork, no surprise there.

14 August 2010

I'ts Out!

Issue 19 hits the side of the blog at last, have a prod and enjoy. Printed copies will follow soon with the first batches going to:


Bokor Mountain Lodge 

Tiny Kampot Pillows

so if you really want a hard copy go and visit them.

Alternately you could print your own, just use Adobe Acrobat to view the guide, choose print and fiddle about till you find booklet printing, then set to print only front pages, then shuffle the pages and have a go with back pages, have fun.

06 August 2010

Issue 19 reaches proof stage.

Yep it's happening again, late as usual!

Much many thanks to the amazing submitters and core of the KSG, they truly make this effort possible, so lets big em up:

Irvin S.  KSG ACE Reporter and more, all praise be to him. (on the job in da Pot)
Alan Da Heed Theaser.  KSG ACE Reporter and bullshit consultant. (on overseas assignment, forget not the KSG is an international operation)


The KSG is about to enter it's fourth stage, I dare say it will be fun but mainly interesting. See the next one, the no:19 will be a pay per view item, on paper that is as you will have to shell out 1000R to buy one if not given it free. That's the difference, the new look KSG only carries 3 adverts, it is only printed in batches of 100 and carries on the front page the advert from the orderer. So what happens is you buy 100 copies with ya own ad on da front, then ya do wid em what ya want! Me no do distro no more! Me slip into local speek, sorry (som toe).

Sorry too that you no see proof, me print and scribble on, you wait n see if me put on net.

me go bed now, it 8am, me work too much, please send money n help me.
 p.s. A note to prospective sponsors, the size is 138mm wide by 48mm high. format should be .eps  .jpg  .png  .psd  .pdf  and of the highest quality possible.

25 July 2010

More History!

A snippet from The journal of the Royal Geographic Society of London, Volume 37 (1850)

I had the good fortune, during my stay in Penompein, to fall in with a Buddhist priest of high rank, who has lately been studying the inscriptions found amongst the ruins scattered over Cambodia. Having heard that I had procured copies of some of these, he called, and requested to see the same; and it is to his kindness that I am indebted for the interpretations before alluded to. This gentleman was many years resident at Bangkok, and was a companion of the King of Siam, when his Majesty was a member of the priesthood. By special request of the sovereign of Cambodia he has taken up his residence in that kingdom; and, while deeply read in the languages and archaeology of the East, he possesses a gentleness and refinement in his manner which is one of the marked characteristics of those indoctrinated with the tenets of the Buddhist religion.

Having decided to proceed to Kampot, and from thence by sea to Bangkok, we took leave of his Majesty at mid-day on the 4th of April, and set out with elephants and buffalo-carts to complete our journey. There has long been a fine road from Udong to Kampot; but it is not till recently that a route has been opened by way of Penompein ; the distance is about 120 miles, which it requires about five days to accomplish; and the road, which was still under construction, forms a junction with that which leads to Udong, about 15 miles above its termination. It is broad and level, passing for the most part across a sandy plain, where jungle-grass, shrubs, and stunted forest-trees abound. No important towns are met with along this route; but the villages are frequent and of considerable extent. The inhabitants are chiefly employed in the cultivation of rice and the manufacture of palm-sugar.

We had now reached the hottest period of the dry season, and had not only to travel beneath a scorching sun, but to encounter some difficulties from the scarcity of water, as the rivulets had all run dry, and only a few stagnant pools were occasionally to be met with; these sufficed, indeed, for the wants of our servants and cattle, but we had ourselves to drink sugarpalm juice and the milk of coco-nuts. We fell in daily with parties of traders conveying produce, in bullock-carts, between Kampot and Penompein, or by numerous cross-roads from the settlements in the interior; so that there is every sign that this important highway will prove of material advantage to the commerce of the country.

On the 8th of April we encountered a token of the troubles which for a long time distracted the country: a human skull, impaled where two roads meet, marks the spot where, three years back, a band of rebels were overthrown.

A fugitive slave, named Issawa, having gathered to himself a party in Southern Cambodia, set up a claim to the throne. He had sufficient influence to secure the countenance of the Cochin Chinese, but was ultimately defeated and driven from the country. He still enjoys an opulent and influential position in his place of refuge in Cochin China, and is by many deemed the real heir of the Cambodian monarch, whom in person he closely resembles. The advanced guard of his troops being routed in this locality left two of their leaders in the hands of the enemy; their heads were at once struck off by their captors, and set up to whiten upon the field of battle.

We were by this time nearing the lofty clumps of mountains which rise in the vicinity of Kampot. These hills, mantled in impenetrable forests, save where stony precipices forbid all vegetation, are the haunt of elephants, rhinoceros, and many other wild animals.

Defiling thi-ough the passes on the evening of the 8th, we halted at the borders of a fertile plain, about 20 miles distant from the coast; thence a short march next morning conducted us to Kampot, and ended the heat and thirst of a really toilsome journey.

The town of Kampot stands in a fertile plain, under the shelter of a lofty range of mountains, and on the borders of a river ten miles distant from the sea. This stream, rising in the hills a few miles above the town, resembles an arm of the sea rather than an inland river; the tides extend their influence to its sources, and fill the broad and deep channel with clear green sea-water.

Rice and palm-sugar are raised in the surrounding plains, but it is to the pepper plantations along the banks of the river that the place owes its principal importance. These latter are wholly in the hands of the Chinese, who cultivate them with their usual industry. I am told that the vines surpass those of Singapore, but that, by culling the berries before they reach maturity, they considerably impair the quality of the pepper. Coco-nuts, betel-vines, areca-palms, and pine-apples, are grown abundantly also throughout the plantations.

During the disturbances which preceded the French invasion of Cochin China, and while the new comers were still regarded with dread, traders flocked in numbers with their produce to Kampot; the commerce there was thus forced into briskness, and European vessels often loaded at the port. But latterly these influences have ceased to operate, and Saigon has been found by many to be a more convenient market. It is not, however, to these circumstances alone that the decay of the settlement is due; many local considerations have contributed to impair it. The seaboard swarms with pirates, and the rulers, for their own profit, secretly countenance their depredations.

The Christians look only to the authority of their priests; the Malays have chiefs of their own blood to rule them; the Chinese monopolise the market, and are too numerous and turbulent to obey any one whatever. Hence the legitimate governor, whose very title is dubious because conferred at Bangkok, is in a great measure destitute of influence, and the town consequently suffers from the divided state of its government. The whole of the commerce of the place is engrossed by the Chinese; and their extensive godowns, filled with pepper, rice, and other varieties of produce, testify to the wealth which they derive from the monopoly. But even this close body is divided within itself; and the Hainam Chinamen, by steady persecution and frequent riots, are driving the Fookheins out of the settlement If the former party be permitted to consummate their endeavours, I think little will be wanting to complete the ruin of the port. It is worthy, however, of remark that here, as in many other Eastern markets, a Swatow Chinaman is the foremost amongst their merchants.

On the coast, 30 miles below, is the rising settlement of Kankhao. This formerly belonged to the Cambodian territory, but was seized, 40 years back, by invaders from Cochin China. Its exports are pepper, sugar, and rice, but above all the matting and gunny bags which are made extensively in the interior. The proximity of a foreign port is a further source of injury to the commerce of its neighbour.

His Majesty the King of Cambodia proposes to pay a short visit annually to this part of his dominions; and, so soon as he shall have completed his palace at Penompein, a similar residence will be erected in the vicinity of Kampot. We may hope that the occasional presence of the court will not only .lend a stimulus to the traffic of the settlement, but remove in some degree the difficulties which keep it down. On being ceded by Sam to its present ruler, his Majesty appointed his brother-in-law to superintend its administration. This nobleman, however, resides permanently about the court, and little therefore is gained by the arrangement. It was formerly the custom to send tribute to Bangkok at this season of the year ; but Cambodia being now freed from her allegiance to Siam, the right can no longer be enforced. The boats, however, were loaded and ready for sea when I was at Kampot, and they had been six weeks awaiting the final instructions of the King, who was apparently undecided whether to send them or no. 

I cannot say for certain whether any British subjects are to be found among the Chinamen of this place; but I think that such is probable, as many of them have been educated at Hongkong or Singapore. Several, at any rate, are agents for English houses, and receive frequent consignments of their cargo.

On their complaining to me bitterly of the depredations of the pirates, I advised such of them as were concerned with British property to represent the case, in writing, to the consul at Bangkok, who would assist them in the matter. Owing to the general dread of these piratical cruisers, cardamums, silk, and other valuable produce, are no longer brought down here for exportation.

So considerable is the bar at the mouth of the river, and so shifting and uncertain are the channels across it, that ships are obliged to anchor in the roads outside, and to have their cargo conveyed to them in lighters. Even these craft, at low water, are unable to come out.

Having procured a small cargo boat, and six sailors to man it, we quitted Kampot on the 12th of April. Favouring winds brought us rapidly to Bangkok, where we landed in health and safety on the evening of the 17th.

05 June 2010

KSG World Tour of da Bodge.

The KSG is on tour and has already nailed Snook and PP. Currently Battambang is hosting the crew and nicely too so we can recommend the Seng Hout Hotel, if you do the Bong stay there!

As always the crew is distributing copies of the KSG, new ones printed up here in da Bong! Well actually photocopied copies of an original photocopy and officially our smallest ever print run, ten copies were purchaced for the cost of 7000R, I will be visiting all the advertisers within for their cut of the extra cost.

You cant go anywhere in this country without bumping into old friends, every step of our tour has been filled with reacquainting and swapping stories of friends lost. It's sad but true we lose a lot of friends here, but not all are gone forever so it was a pleasure to see off Clem, (Pot-Pat 1st class) he is back to France after working in da Pot some two years, he'll be back!

Best I quit here before this turns into a backpacker travel blog, aarrgggh.

26 May 2010

Military muscle.

Recent Bar discussion has touched on the subject of Generals and has left us with a need to clarify.

The UK has 84 Generals, I who have worked extensively with the British military have never met, let alone seen one of them.

Cambodia has possibly as many as 2500 Generals, some of these I have seen and met.

This leads us to the reason why?

In theory it is the number of Generals required to run the army at the peak of the Khmer empire.

Or enough Generals to lead a campaign to regain said empire.

Either way they are there and a sign of Khmer forward thinking, we so lucky!

25 April 2010

Red is back to abnormal, as normal.

The partyin is over and the mess cleaned up, even the hardiest hangover has gone too.

Many thanks to the brave ones that turned up and made it one of the best nights the bar has ever seen, special thanks go out to the performers as their efforts made the night special, very special!

So God's bless Jose on flamenco guitar, Mark (smile tours) on mandolin, Frank on accordion, Eric (Bokor lodge) on guitar and Srey Mom and the backpacker on bongos.

On a different track, I19 is still scheduled to come out early next month, orders have been taken but duly forgotten as they were not written down, I shall endeavour to be more organised... One day.

Your input on this subject would be good, have a look at the link below and lets know what you think...

Southeast Asia Travel Photography and Writing Awards

Should we enter?

23 March 2010

Issue 19 (AKA KSG4)

OK its been decided, there will be an i19 and it will be black and white again. Blame apathy for the lack of colour issues and blame the lazy advertisers for the change.

The new KSG4 will be different, thats for sure. This change will remove all but 4 adverts from the guide and drop 8 pages, the print runs will all be personalised and in batches of 70 or multiples there of, so the sponsor of each batch gets the front page advert, the only other adverts will be those of the contributers scattered through the rag.

Even more different is the fact the guides will also be up for sale, you can charge 25c for each copy of the KSG and net yourself a profit!

So watch out, in the next couple of weeks expect to see a new (copy righted) proof and soon after, custom copies of the guide.

01 March 2010

I19 Stalled.

As ever we have delays, it's artwork we need not sponsors. We have a queue system for new sponsors but it's no good them being in a queue if they can't supply artwork for their adverts, oh how the Pot needs a graphic designer!

Anyway the the work will continue till the proof comes out, then our advertising exec will go n sell all space to the highest bidders, or should I say what we will do is have a "free for all", all spaces will be up for grabs, positions too though you may have to out bid me, I am tired of being last!

Expect a proof in a week or so or a new post here...

24 February 2010

I19 is on the way, me hopes...

The first of the artwork has arrived, well after the deadline as usual, Kampot apathy! Sad part is the artwork came from Kep, the first time Kep has ever beat the Pot at anything.

Anyway progress is being made, Alan (Ace) has been up his funky stuff and submitted another work of genius, or something like that and well pleased the static staff, it's well nice to have a roving investigative reporter.

Map making has become a major topic in Pot bars lately as the KSG has plans, big ones! Have a look at the sample below as it will be the basis of the Pots first interactive map and may well be used in the guide.

23 January 2010


Just a few of pics from the recent boat races, many thanks go out to Matthew for submitting them.

20 January 2010


Once again we are threatening to go colour, our management team are currently in negotiations with several multi national companies all wishing to bid for the task of our printing, but there can be only one.

As soon as a suitable off set printer is settled upon we will inform you, the masses.

Sponsors please note, you will need to clear your bills and submit some decent artwork!

16 January 2010

18 is off to print, at last.

The much late issue 18 is available for download on the left and will be at the printers tomorrow, or today.

Work will now start on the new look I19 due out in March.

11 January 2010


On Bullshit is an essay by philosopher Harry Frankfurt. Originally published in the journal Raritan in 1986, the essay was republished as a separate volume in 2005 and became a nonfiction bestseller, spending twenty-seven weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list

In the essay, Frankfurt sketches a theory of bullshit, defining the concept and analyzing its applications. In particular, Frankfurt distinguishes bullshitting from lying; while the liar deliberately makes false claims, the bullshitter is simply uninterested in the truth. Bullshitters aim primarily to impress and persuade their audiences. While liars need to know the truth, the better to conceal it, the bullshitter, interested solely in advancing his own agenda, has no use for the truth. Following from this, Frankfurt claims that "bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are."

This work laid the foundation for Frankfurt's 2006 follow-up book, On Truth.

from Wikipedia

10 January 2010


It's that horrid error finding time again, grab a copy of the proof below and let me know what horrors you find.

KSG Issue 18Proof 1

Cheers in advance.

Many thanks go out to this months sponsors...

Akashi Cafe
Alaska Night Club
Bar-Red GH
Bart the Boatman
Blissful GH
Bokor Mountain Lodge
Cozy Elephant GH
Epic Arts Cafe
Farm Link, Kampot Pepper
Fragrance Massage
G'day Mate Outback & Abduction Tours
Ganesha Riverside Eco Resort
Green Star Reality
Handicraft Cafe & Spa

Honey Bar
Kepler's Books
Keyman Tours
Magic Sponge GH
Mr Mao's Tuk Tuk

Mea Culpa GH
Nataya Roundhouse Coral Bay Resort
Orchid GH
Rikitikitavi GH
Sisters II
Sok Lim Tours
Sundowner Tavern
The Dealbreakers
Tiny Kampot Pillows

Utopia GH
Whats hot in Kampot

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Alan (Head Teaser)
Captain Frank

01 January 2010

Angkor Wat.

I know a lot of you use google earth, if you do have it installed have a click on the link below, it's a great 3d model of Angkor Wat and gives you an idea of the scale of it.

Google Earth model of Angkor Wat page

Direct link by Krzysio