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28 November 2009

Cambofest extra.

The KSG wants you all to know that Cambofest is in the old Theatre Royal, not the old cinema on old bridge st. and in the picture below. It is marked on the map (not) in the latest issue, its also on the 1964 map available from the links..

Cambofest has also released a schedule of events, grab it here...

Cambofest Schedule

18 November 2009

It's worth a mention...

Well me has been busy, busy trying to choose which little gems to post up here in the downloads section. I think you will all enjoy the selected gems I have found, to name a couple there is a great history of the Bodge from the perspective of Vietnamese communists. Another is an amazing account of a man on the run, in between all maner of history I never thought I could steal from home in da Pot, gods bless the internet!

So have a prod at the history links on the left and enlighten ya self.

07 November 2009

Issue 17 is off to print.

The printers are hard at work knocking together another issue, this one completes two years of KSG.

In the past two years we have printed over 13,000 copies, and told nearly as many lies!

Grab a copy of our latest effort on the left, as usual.