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26 June 2012

Map update

25 June 2012

Auction apologies.

Dear Precious Anointed Fearless Leader:

I throw my worthless, ignorant, (although fatly substantial) body at your feet and beg your most exalted magnificence pardon for failing you in your honourable charge to my insignificant self. You may do with me as you choose is as your right in your fearsome position as my most revered, infinitely wise and know to be brutal when provoked, Emperor. Should, as you may choose to have me disposed of, may I most humbly beg that I be smothered to death beneath 50, naked, extra virgin oil coated, virgins.

Obviously I have no aptitude for running an auction. My list of errors is legend. My ability to alienate both current and prospective advertisers in your tightly controlled mouthpiece, The KSG, is inexcusable. For this alone I deserve to be flogged. No one enjoys a good flogging as much as I do. I do once more beg that the flogging be done with a cat of nine tails using real cat’s tails, administered by aforementioned virgins.

I do hope that your Stirling reputation is not further tarnished by my series of errors and insults to winging bidders who thought the entire exercise a farce. Little do they know how close to the truth they are? I have made amends as best I could, placing blame directly where it belongs, squarely on your shoulders. The common knowledge that you are in fact a mad man helps me in my quest to divert blame away from me. In fact it evokes a deep sympathy when they believe my every move is dictated by the big guy behind the bar.

Mr. Stirling has been offered a free pint because his feathers got ruffled by my saying his bid was rejected because he “was not one of us” assuming of course my Evil Leader stands the shout and nails him as an advertiser when he moves here in two weeks time.


Head Teaser

X Ace Underground Investigative Reporter

(this apology was submitted in .docx format, a format banned by the KSG, hence the X)   

23 June 2012


Yes, we are printing again, this time it's the fifth generation of the KSG, the Condensed!

This little fella is a twelve page export only edition of the guide, intended to draw people from the hell of Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville to the comparative paradise of the Pot.

Anyway, for this fella we have to thank,

Blissful Guest House
Bokor Mountain Lodge
Jonathan and his hand drawn art
Mea Culpa
Tiny Kampot Pillows

The next issue of the condensed version is all but ready, we are currently auctioning the front page advert in order to raise beer money, it will follow as soon as all the ad spaces are filled and be delivered to bus stations, taxi ranks, travel agents and selected businesses, so it makes sense to be in it!

11 June 2012

printing again...

Issue 23 will be on its way to the printers tomorrow, I know it's a month or so late but we have had issues, yous guys don't want to know about them!  Anaway after all we have got to the print stage of yet another issue, another one that we have enjoyed putting toghether, we also hope you enjoy it.

So here we go, this time we have to thank these sponsors...  

Abduction Tours
Blissful GH
Bokor Mountain Lodge
Cafe Expresso
Cambodia Beer
Cambo EcoTour
Farm Link
Full of Beans
Green House
Kampot Pie and Ice Cream Palace
Kampot Riverside Hotel
Magic Sponge
Mea Culpa
Monkey Republic
Oh Neil's
Scuba Nation
Steve Ho's
Srey Mom's Cafe
Tiny Kampot Pillows

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Alan (Head Teaser)
Uncle Fran 

Download on the right as usual.