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31 January 2009

Old Advertiser, New Business.

Long term advertiser Crippled Dick (AKA Dirty Dick) has moved into the furniture removal business. After a recent break with his bus service he has apparently been screwed back together ready for his new venture, contact details will be posted as soon as he has some.

28 January 2009

KSG Staff to Shagged Out to Print.

Kampot super group postpones production of Kampot's premier free nonsensicle publication. Successive nights of jolity has crippled the KSG staff, lack of sleep and massive fluid consumption has halted publishing for the time being.

be patient!

24 January 2009

Issue 10.1 hits the streets!

As an effort to show lazy advertisers how easy publishing is, issue 10.1 was born, basically a scribbled on version of issue 10 was printed and distributed within minutes of its thought, 8 copies were made for the sum total of $1.00, obviously a bargain.

It seems after one year of publishing not one of the advertisers had read the terms and conditions of the guide, lets hope the point has been proven.

21 January 2009

18 Days To Go!

The Bokor Experience

In an attempt to ease frustrations over Bokor trips local authorities have made a bold gesture, it seems they have attempted to reconstruct the road to Bokor along the river front, thus alleviating the need to visit the hill, job done.

20 January 2009

Website Builder Needed

OK, it's my fault..... but I would like the KSG online, it seems I can't do it alone, so does anybody want to help?

What I need is free hosting, free domain names, free talented designers, or a decent way to modify a blog to display the guide.

Anybody interested?

Prey let us know!

To give you a taste of the guide if not previously tainted, it's basically a cut down version of Aprils edition.

Ace Reporter Sacked Again

Jack the Father was tonight once again sacked just after being reinstated, apparently just for the fun of sacking him again.

Serves him right for riding one of the Pot's best unpaid fictional jobs, nuff said.

18 January 2009

KSG News

Plague strikes Bar-Red and the KSG headquarters leaving 100% of the workforce unfit for service, thus further delaying the arrival of the ground breaking Ed-Issue 11.

Rumours of industrial espionage echo around the Pot after the KSG drops 70% of its advertisers to become a sponsored publication.

Kep spokesman denies biological warfare.

Another glass broken in riverfront bar spurring plans for all plastic receptacles.

Jack the Father sacked after shocking false reports.