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05 June 2010

KSG World Tour of da Bodge.

The KSG is on tour and has already nailed Snook and PP. Currently Battambang is hosting the crew and nicely too so we can recommend the Seng Hout Hotel, if you do the Bong stay there!

As always the crew is distributing copies of the KSG, new ones printed up here in da Bong! Well actually photocopied copies of an original photocopy and officially our smallest ever print run, ten copies were purchaced for the cost of 7000R, I will be visiting all the advertisers within for their cut of the extra cost.

You cant go anywhere in this country without bumping into old friends, every step of our tour has been filled with reacquainting and swapping stories of friends lost. It's sad but true we lose a lot of friends here, but not all are gone forever so it was a pleasure to see off Clem, (Pot-Pat 1st class) he is back to France after working in da Pot some two years, he'll be back!

Best I quit here before this turns into a backpacker travel blog, aarrgggh.