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18 April 2019

On the theme of flights...

Below is the story of a brave British airman that landed at Kampot airfield during WWII.

If you didn't know, Cambodia was then part of French Indo-China, ruled at that time by the Vichy French and under occupation by the Japanese, therefore it was a pretty dodgy place for a British airman to land.

Anyway its a cracikin story and well worth a read, enjoy.

16 April 2019

World First!

Indeed Kampot has been involved in many world firsts, but this one stands out.

Yes the sleepy little town once was part of the worlds first circumnavigation by an aeroplane!

Twas back in 1924 and even has a book covering the story of the epic journey, check it out on the Internet Archive.

01 April 2019

Tim's Birthday

It was great catching up with Tim for his birthday on a sunny day in Boscombe. As many of you may know Tim used to run one of the most run down guest houses on lakeside, Phnom Penh, it was also probably the best as it for the mast part was quiet and boasted by far the best views over the lake. Sadly those days are gone, so has the lake as it has been filled and is now being built on.

Tim's little celebration on the sandy beach was dotted by folks with a connection to Cambodia so it was great chatting and exchanging experiences of the Bodge with the multitude that attended and much enjoyed.

Nuff said but here's to the next 40 Tim, blessin ya bud!