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29 August 2010

KSG News Flash.

Max the Utopian, who has been on an extended overseas assignment since September last year has just broken his cover. We are informed that his Euro mission is almost complete and he is planning to return to the Pot within eight months.

Max, being a founder member of the "Kampot Unsocial Club" will be most warmly welcomed back, especially as the Pot's rudeness standards have noticeably dropped since he left. So we look forward to his return and also to the return of rudeness, hurry home Max!

Copies of Issue 19.01 have been delivered to:
Blissful GH 

Homestay Cafe

The total printed so far is only 400 with 50+ downloads, further batches of copies are awaiting artwork, no surprise there.

14 August 2010

I'ts Out!

Issue 19 hits the side of the blog at last, have a prod and enjoy. Printed copies will follow soon with the first batches going to:


Bokor Mountain Lodge 

Tiny Kampot Pillows

so if you really want a hard copy go and visit them.

Alternately you could print your own, just use Adobe Acrobat to view the guide, choose print and fiddle about till you find booklet printing, then set to print only front pages, then shuffle the pages and have a go with back pages, have fun.

06 August 2010

Issue 19 reaches proof stage.

Yep it's happening again, late as usual!

Much many thanks to the amazing submitters and core of the KSG, they truly make this effort possible, so lets big em up:

Irvin S.  KSG ACE Reporter and more, all praise be to him. (on the job in da Pot)
Alan Da Heed Theaser.  KSG ACE Reporter and bullshit consultant. (on overseas assignment, forget not the KSG is an international operation)


The KSG is about to enter it's fourth stage, I dare say it will be fun but mainly interesting. See the next one, the no:19 will be a pay per view item, on paper that is as you will have to shell out 1000R to buy one if not given it free. That's the difference, the new look KSG only carries 3 adverts, it is only printed in batches of 100 and carries on the front page the advert from the orderer. So what happens is you buy 100 copies with ya own ad on da front, then ya do wid em what ya want! Me no do distro no more! Me slip into local speek, sorry (som toe).

Sorry too that you no see proof, me print and scribble on, you wait n see if me put on net.

me go bed now, it 8am, me work too much, please send money n help me.
 p.s. A note to prospective sponsors, the size is 138mm wide by 48mm high. format should be .eps  .jpg  .png  .psd  .pdf  and of the highest quality possible.