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23 April 2012

Casino confusion.

It's time to put this one to bed.

This is the Bokor Palace Hotel.

This is the old casino that Sihanouk built.

This is the review of Cambodia's first casino from the Asia Magazine June 1963 (pictured directly above).

This is the new casino that has just opened.

On a side note Kep had a casino built by Sihanouk too, it was equally unsuccessful.

Nuff said.

16 April 2012

WE are still looking for ponds.

The KSG pond discovery team recently stole a set of maps from the railway workers, here is one of the maps that combines the US bombing and known mine fields.

Hopefully these will help us find ponds much quicker.

Issue 23 update.  Well submittions are pouring in and the proof is almost ready, so expect to see one of us around town selling ad space soon.