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30 March 2009

14 gets to first proof.

The 24 page beast of issue 14 gets its first taste of print, errors are being noticed too but as we have new systems in place to handle such errors, don't expect to see them in the rag.

25 March 2009


Issue 14 is going to be fat, articles n stuff will swell it to 24 pages! So be prepared for more things n stuff, it will be in it, init.

21 March 2009

Issues 12 & 13 finally hit the streets,

DJ Feeds performed sterling work modifying well over 700 copies of issue 12 to insert his contact details, all was done in one night of glue n paper where thankfully other sponsors chipped in and helped the poor old sod. It made for excellent entertainment as stacks of guides were steadily updated, nice work!

Given a taste of this jollity, DJ Feeds then took on the job of tracking down the odd 200 copies that slipped through the net, so he spent another night hunting and sticking, good kid ea!

So, more copies are on the way, soon.

Issue 13 has also made it back from the printers, the all colour 40 page baby everybody wanted so much. Distribution has been started so expect to see copies at exclusive establishments along the Cambodge coast soon.

18 March 2009

12 is out though flawed.

Shockwaves rebound around the KSG's layout department after issue 12's massive error is noticed.

Many apologies to DJ Feeds comes from the guys on the floor for not resizing his advert in this months effort, they managed to miss out both his phone number and email address from the bottom of his advert.

Needless to say those directly responsible have been shot and measures have been put in place to stop this ever happening again.

Good news is that issue 13 is already complete and has gone to print, this covert colour issue will be difficult to find as it will never be released on the net, you will have to come to Kampot and look for it.

Work on issue 14 has also commenced, the same old black n white fella but with another couple of submittions, on those lines...

Many thanks to the submitters in issue 12

Zee Moon for the wildlife rescue article.
Cath the editor for editing said article.
Captain Frank for his fishy input.

Bless em.

14 March 2009

Issue 12 goes to print.

Issue 12 goes to print tomorrow, or should I say later today.

There is a link on the left if you need a copy now, and you have a speedy connection, it's over 20Mb this month, so download with caution.

11 March 2009

Issue 12 at Proof Stage.

The first proof of issue 12 has been printed and semi corrected, final massage will be done in a day or so and then its straight off to print.

Many thanks to this months sponsors...

Akashi Cafe
Bar-Red GH
Bart the Boatman
Blissful GH
DJ Feeds Tipi Town
Honey Bar
Irvin's Kampot Pillows
Kampot Gift Shop
Keyman Tours
Mea Culpa GH
Moons GH
Orchid GH
Rikitikitavi GH
Rusty Keyhole Bar
Sok Lim Tours
Utopia GH

Bless you all.

09 March 2009

KSG News.

Party Season.
The aftermath of the Blissful five year party has left 50% of Pot-pats unfit for work, massive fluid consumption has been blamed and doctors papers are on sale from the copy shop next to rusty.

First Aid.
Rumours of the legendary camagra splint abound around the Pot, though it's doubtful Limp Dick actually used one.

Moto Swapping Games.
Apparently a traditional German party game confused all at the Blissful party as Max the Utopian managed to get in first and swap his rental moto for the owned one of DF Feeds, next day the motos were once again swapped, where will it all end?

02 March 2009

The Ultimate Dirt Bike Challenge.

The road to Tek Chhou (the rapids) has become yet another Bokor experience, major road works has turned the length of the road into a challenge, especially when it rains.

Dirt bikers be warned, much of the road is only suitable for Daelim's!