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30 March 2019

The Forgotten Nelson's Column

Atop a hill overlooking Portsmouth sits a lonely monument to Britain's greatest naval hero.

Ask anyone if they know where Nelsons column is and they will say London, but the first one built is in Portsmouth, paid for by veterans of Nelson's last battle at Trafalgar.

If you ever pass this way have a look, here is a link to the location on Google Maps.

Nelson's Monument on Google Maps

25 March 2019

The Navy

Royal Cambodian Navy
Untill reciently Cambodia still had a couple of Russian built Turya class torpedo fast attack craft rusting away in Phnom Penh, they were last used in the 90's when the UN re-engined them and used them for river patrol duties. They have now gone to I know not where. They mainly have small patrol boats for coastal and river duties, the largest being a Russian Shershen class patrol fast attack craft.

Turya class torpedo fast attack craft

 Shershen class patrol fast attack craft

Old and obsolete you may say, well cop this...

British Royal Navy
HMS Victory is a 104-gun first-rate ship of the line, she was launched in 1765 and is still in service being the flagship of the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy. She has completed 241 years' of service, and at a cost of £63,176 and 3 shillings to build, she has worked out to be a real bargain.

HMS Victory in 1890

HMS Victory today

21 March 2019

Normality resumes after the rugby

Srey Mom is back to normal after a sensational Six Nations Tournament. So well done to Wales and well done to Mom for staying open.

Mom's website is doing well and slowly starting to be found on the search engines, so if you haven't checked it out yet have a look now.

Oh, and for updated news on the re-launch of the Kampot Survival Guide check out our dedicated website here...

15 March 2019

Srey Mom readies herself for rugby

Mom has had her monthly trip up the smoke of Phnom Penh and re-stocked her spice supplies, she is therefore ready to fill the hungry prior to Saturdays Six Nations conclusion.

Srey Mom's Coffee website has also been updated so give it a visit.

Guess who she's following?

04 March 2019

Srey Mom's Coffee

Whilst the KSG is on hold printed copies are few and far between, but there is one place you can get them, Srey Mom's Coffee!

She even has her own website, check it out here...

And don't forget you can get our last issue on our website here...

Oh, and here are some updated links...

Srey Mom's Coffee
The legend is back and serving coffee, fruit juices and her amazing Indian food.

Kampot Weather
Want to know whats happening with thw weather, check this out.

Our good friends the Greenhouse, an adult odientated guesthouse on the river.

Aroma House
James runs Aroma, great reataurant and we are proud to list him here.

Simple Things
For the vegetarians and yoga fans.

Class accommodation right on the river front.

The Magic Sponge
William runs a tight ship, pop in and see him in action.

David and Seyha run adrenalin fueled climbing adventures, check them out.

Mea Culpa
Ben has made this haven his lifes work, Kampots haven for the reclusive.

Kep Mountain lodge
A little gem hidden within Kep.

Banyan Tree
Home to the Kampot Playboys, right on and in the river.

The Kampot Playboys
This Khmer and western band has been rocking Kampot for years, they even have an album out so buy one before you leave.

Villa Vidici
Upper class lodgings just up and on the river, nice.

Dandelion Treats
Pies, cakes and more.

Monkey Republic
Backpacker central in the centre of Kampot.

Ant and Andria's paintball sideshow, go and watch people get shot and live.

Blue Buddha Hotel
Ralph and Jess run this central hotel.

Rusty 2
A sports bar with exceptional food and a home for expats.

An out of town guesthouse with swimming pool and spa.

Kool Kampot
Nice rooms in a classical Khmer villa built in the 60's.

Space Four Zero
A music and arts outlet in Phnom Penh and sister business to Kama in the Pot.

Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital
Our local hospital.

Dr Scuffi
Our local doctor.

Tiny Kampot Pillows
Srey Neang has been making handy crafts in Kampot for years, why? Cos she's really good at it! So get yourself an authentic Kampot souvineer from her.

The oldest pepper purveyor in town, check them out.  or

Bookish Bazaar
A book shop come cafe and events arena for the arts.

Bokor Mountain Lodge
Located right on the front in the centre of town, Bokor Mountain Lodge is a cracking spot for sunset.

A tapas bar and guesthouse right near the front.

Pink Sands Villa
Just up river Pink Sands boasts a nice pool and occasionally live jazz.

Kampot Radio
Our very own radio station run by expats, catch it on the internet.

Move to Cambodia
A website dedicated to, well what it says.

Train Times
This site should help you find and book tickets for the train.

Le Bokor Palace Hotel
The very reason most people came to Kampot is now open again and a 5* hotel.

Epic Arts Cafe
Run by and for the disabled.

Makk Hotel
New stylish rooms and board on the southern front.

Samon Village
Set just up river this resort sports some very nice woodwork, as you would expect from a family of carpenters.

Joel's Kampot Guide
Joel maintains this wealth of info with listings of almost everything in the Pot.

Canby Guides
By far the best printed guide book of Kampot.

Lonely Planet


Official Kampot Guide