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11 August 2011

40 Year old Ponds.

Ever wondered what a B52 strike looks like 40 years later?

These Ponds are near Tuk Meas, a faveorite pond deployment area in the early 70's.

Fire up Google Earth and open this file to see some more B52 ponds near Tuk Meas.

04 August 2011

Progress Report

Issue 20.02 is being printed and will be delivered later today.

So here we go again and this time we have to thank... 

Bokor Mountain Lodge
Fragrance Massage
Kampot Souvenirs & Handicraft
Kep Gardens Ass. 
Mea Culpa
Olly's Place 
Salt + Pepper 
Sunflower Orphanage
The Magic Sponge
Tiny Kampot Pillows

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Alan (Head Teaser)


Issue 21 Progress Report
We have been working again, well on the guide anyway and can report it's going nicely, the pages are in place and only await the articles and updates.  We have added eight pages to make space for the new advertisers and new writer, we have made a separate section for projects and volunteer work where we hope to add many listings, well, we have been doing things!

Down to the advertising, we are aiming for 30% of the guide being advertising space, that gives us 38 quarter page adverts to fill, some are promised
already but to avoid disappointment, get in quick!  (with artwork and $$)

Sadly the new map has been scrapped/shelved again, we don't need it, GPS accurate is too much for the Pot.  Also the property guide has died, well all the property got sold already.  So the KSG will carry on in similar style as before, but slightly bigger and heavier at 32 pages.

Submitters are always welcome, so if you have a story about the Pot you think may fit in the KSG, please do get hold of us.