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31 August 2009

Proofing time...

We have a rough proof for you to check, if you would be so kind! But if you do check it and find errors please let me know, I'm starting to rely on you guys. Now it is as I say a rough proof, some updates are not in yet, the cartoon still alludes me and the layout isnt complete, but its close enough to start checking.

Download Issue 16 Proof

Many thanks go out to this months sponsors...

Akashi Cafe
Alaska Night Club
Bar-Red GH
Bart the Boatman
Blissful GH
Bokor Mountain Lodge
DJ Feeds Tipi Town
Irvin's Kampot Pillows
Kampot Gift Shop
Honey Bar
Kepler's Books
Keyman Tours
Mac's Tours
Mr Mao's Tuk Tuk
Mea Culpa GH
Moon's GH
Nataya Roundhouse Coral Bay Resort
Orchid GH
Rikitikitavi GH
Sisters II
Sok Lim Tours
Utopia GH

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
David Flack
Kate the Editor
Captain Frank
Max the Utopian
The Kampot Community

Cheers folks!

30 August 2009

I Love You Folks!

Screen shots from our hit counter...

24 August 2009


The KSG offices are furious over the shortened cricket coverage, Aus should still be playing today though by loosing they have cheated the KSG staff out of a whole days entertainment, we is well dis-pleased!

Well done to england tho, nice work gettin them ashes back.

proof soon, promise...

21 August 2009


After a couple of weeks without net access its so nice to be connected again, this time me has to thank the Vietnamese army for me adsl, bless em.

Work on issue 16 is almost complete, waiting only on prospective sponsors. If you are one of them don't be too offended if you get dropped, me can't wait forever.

Proof will be posted over the weekend.