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26 December 2009

Kampot's first Hamster dies.

Tragic news hits the Pot as the Zoo looses another specimen. After a thorough investigation the Zoo has released a report that states the Hamster died of natural causes, though there was some suspicion that it may have fell asleep at the wheel.

Fund-raising to replace the Hamster has already started with the cost of purchase now covered, the cost of air fare will take a little longer to raise.

22 December 2009

Mornington Crescent.

With the coming completion of Kampot's underground rail system and the recent publishing of map showing all new and proposed stations, it is no surprise that Kampot has not only adopted the game of Mornington Crescent, it has truly embraced it.

A union of business owners is already demanding the re-naming of "Kampot Central" to "Mornington Crescent".

As soon as a unified version of the rules are agreed we will post them here.

17 December 2009

The final push.

Well folks time is running out, there is but a couple of weeks before we go to print, so far we have two submittions in and we patiently await Cpt Franks fishy bits. That should fill the rag nicely.

Sponsors, you have to be quick if you want to change your add, new sponsors better be even quicker!

If by chance you were planning to contribute you will have to wait till March, it'll give you plenty of time to polish your works.

15 December 2009

End of year promotions.

Once again the KSG has the pleasure of promoting staff. Alan (head teaser) who has been on the (no) pay role for only a short while, has proven himself capable and diligent, he has surpassed all of the KSG's expectations and only rightly has been promoted from the rank of "junior reporter" to the dizzy heights of "Ace" and shall be refered to as "Ace" from now on.

Congratulations Alan Headteaser (KSG Ace Reporter).

The KSG is proud of you and has improved your benefits package accordingly!

28 November 2009

Cambofest extra.

The KSG wants you all to know that Cambofest is in the old Theatre Royal, not the old cinema on old bridge st. and in the picture below. It is marked on the map (not) in the latest issue, its also on the 1964 map available from the links..

Cambofest has also released a schedule of events, grab it here...

Cambofest Schedule

18 November 2009

It's worth a mention...

Well me has been busy, busy trying to choose which little gems to post up here in the downloads section. I think you will all enjoy the selected gems I have found, to name a couple there is a great history of the Bodge from the perspective of Vietnamese communists. Another is an amazing account of a man on the run, in between all maner of history I never thought I could steal from home in da Pot, gods bless the internet!

So have a prod at the history links on the left and enlighten ya self.

07 November 2009

Issue 17 is off to print.

The printers are hard at work knocking together another issue, this one completes two years of KSG.

In the past two years we have printed over 13,000 copies, and told nearly as many lies!

Grab a copy of our latest effort on the left, as usual.

26 October 2009

That time of the month.

Yep, it's time to start proof reading, grab a copy below and do try and find the nasties, an honorable mention to anyone who finds the horrors before me.

Kampot Survival Guide Issue 17 Proof 01

Many thanks go out to this months sponsors...

Akashi Cafe
Alaska Night Club
Bar-Red GH
Bart the Boatman
Blissful GH
Bokor Mountain Lodge
DJ Feeds Yurt & Tipi Town

Epic Arts Cafe
Handicraft Cafe & Spa

Honey Bar
Kepler's Books
Keyman Tours
Mac's Tours
Magic Sponge GH
Mr Mao's Tuk Tuk

Mea Culpa GH
Moon's GH
Nataya Roundhouse Coral Bay Resort
Orchid GH
Rikitikitavi GH
Sisters II
Sok Lim Tours
Sundowner Tavern
Tiny Kampot Pillows
Utopia GH
Whats hot in Kampot

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Kate the Editor
Captain Frank
Alan (Head Teaser)

18 October 2009

Airport nears completion.

Kampot airport is on the verge of re-opening some thirty years after its last scheduled flight.

Although the project is controversial it will be a boost to Kampot and its surroundings, local and international flights are due to commence early next year with only the clearance of the flight path awaiting completion.

Sadly the airport was constructed before environmental studies were completed, thus we all know now that the largest part of the project remains to be completed, the flight path.

Due to the orientation of the airport the flight path for landings will take planes dangerously close to Bokor mountain, so close so in fact that 20% of the mountain will have to be removed before scheduled flights begin, sadly this removal will also remove the new road being constructed.

KSG officials are monitoring the works on the airport and Mountain so stay tuned for updates.

Pic of the new airport taken from Bokor Hill (in the flight path).

14 October 2009


Yes we have had to adopt a queueing system, new sponsors are having to wait in line for inclusion in the KSG, indeed the January issue will be dead mans shoes only as it's unlikely the guide will expand to 32 pages, yet.

Deadline for I17 is getting close, so if you are changing your artwork be quick, also if you are new to the KSG your artwork should be in, else another sponsor may well steal your place.

Remember, artwork and payment! It's the only way to get ya add's in the KSG.


10 October 2009

Lost beauty.

It's horid but progress has hit hard at KSG HQ, have a look what's been lost from view from the KSG heleport...

All demoloshed in the last few days, tragic.

07 October 2009

Work started.

All advertising space is now filled, one submission is in, it's time to start work!

Any ideas for I17 need to come in soon to assure inclusion, any updates you feel are necessary too.

Irvin has been busy fabricating news and he is sure to amaze us again with classic exclusives, you will read it first here, and probably last too.

Captain Frank has been prompt and his fishy bits are securely in place, he has been a victim of our two monthly print runs as he is still working monthly, so don't tell him!

I17 will unleash a new KSG logo that will cover a quarter page, it's not been designed yet so if you feel like having a go at designing one feel free, it'll be the same size as a qtr page add, drop off ya efforts to our email address, in .eps format please.

29 September 2009

Damp squib

We were spared! It seems the floods were caused by a pre organised release of water from the dam site, so it seems they have the power? Who knows but it's a bloody pest to the poor sods that keep getting flooded, Chinese are not well liked here at the mo.

More interesting is the other near miss we have had with the weather, or should I say so far...

The track of tropical storm Ketsana.
Image stolen from

25 September 2009

More bloody floods!

Yes it's happening again, Utopia and Bart have started to go under again, low tide is another hour away then it's the steady rise of fluid till the next high... flood!

24 September 2009


In December Kampot will be hosting CAMBOFEST 09, in their words...

CAMBOFEST: Film, Video & Animation Festival of Cambodia is the first international independent movie festival in Cambodia. Now in our 3rd year, CAMBOFEST sets a standard for the region by screening all movies only with the permission of copyright holders."

Best of all is they may well be using the old cinema, well I tell ya, I'm gonna be there!

Check out these links...

16 September 2009

Space to fill.

As yet no work at all has been done on issue 17, so there is tons of space to fill, tons. If you have any ideas or submissions I would love to see them, even pics n drawings etc.

The number of sponsors is about to jump up again with three confirmed extras so far, also some existing sponsors want to up their add space, so some of that space will be filled.

On the subject of staff, the KSG has been rocked by the loss of one of our Art Directors, he tells us he is going on an undercover mission whose details are still classified, whatever he is up to we wish him luck in the future.

All of Kampot will surely be off to Utopia on Saturday as they host an end of flooding party, anyone who misses out will be classified as gay. So get ya kit ready for some serious partyin.

10 September 2009

16 has gone to print.

At last 16 makes it to print, it's still full of horrors as this language still confuses me, anyway enjoy, download on left as usual.

The floods have left us, left us with another bloody mess! Me thinks everybody has been hit by the last floods as the levels were much higher than last time, and after some serious level watching the KSG staff have cracked the reasons behind the floods, apart from all the bloody rain it seems the tides were once again against us, cop some of this...

A normal tide cycle.

The odd tide cycle we have.

07 September 2009

Going under!

Three days of rain has once again overwhelmed the new flood defence barrier, the Pot has gone under.

Currently KSG HQ is bailing out but serious damage has been avoided, water levels got to less than an inch from claiming the whole ground floor.

The tide is going out at the mo but the next high tide is due at 2am, the waters have receded but only about 6", and its raining hard again.

Gods be with us...

31 August 2009

Proofing time...

We have a rough proof for you to check, if you would be so kind! But if you do check it and find errors please let me know, I'm starting to rely on you guys. Now it is as I say a rough proof, some updates are not in yet, the cartoon still alludes me and the layout isnt complete, but its close enough to start checking.

Download Issue 16 Proof

Many thanks go out to this months sponsors...

Akashi Cafe
Alaska Night Club
Bar-Red GH
Bart the Boatman
Blissful GH
Bokor Mountain Lodge
DJ Feeds Tipi Town
Irvin's Kampot Pillows
Kampot Gift Shop
Honey Bar
Kepler's Books
Keyman Tours
Mac's Tours
Mr Mao's Tuk Tuk
Mea Culpa GH
Moon's GH
Nataya Roundhouse Coral Bay Resort
Orchid GH
Rikitikitavi GH
Sisters II
Sok Lim Tours
Utopia GH

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
David Flack
Kate the Editor
Captain Frank
Max the Utopian
The Kampot Community

Cheers folks!

24 August 2009


The KSG offices are furious over the shortened cricket coverage, Aus should still be playing today though by loosing they have cheated the KSG staff out of a whole days entertainment, we is well dis-pleased!

Well done to england tho, nice work gettin them ashes back.

proof soon, promise...

21 August 2009


After a couple of weeks without net access its so nice to be connected again, this time me has to thank the Vietnamese army for me adsl, bless em.

Work on issue 16 is almost complete, waiting only on prospective sponsors. If you are one of them don't be too offended if you get dropped, me can't wait forever.

Proof will be posted over the weekend.

30 July 2009

KSG News.

Trail of destruction follows the rain. A series of tragic accidents have crippled the Pot since the floods. Both the rail system and the ferries were badly hit leaving the city with a huge bill for repairs, here are a couple of pics that show the current situation. Many thanks again to JF, our man on the spot.

Train misses station and hits downtown.

Kampot river ferry runs aground.

Rain forces Pot-pats to extremes.
Due to the battering the rains gave us over the last two weeks, steps are being taken to protect the Pots residents, below is a pic submitted by JF that shows the progress so far on the Pots own ark. The construction site is still secret with only JF and the KSG knowing its location, so don't ask!

Kampot Ark in construction.

28 July 2009


Anonymous said...

Grab yourself a taste of Captain Frank and his crew performing, on you tube!

The Dealbreakers - Full Moon In Bangkok

Cheers PJ

23 July 2009

KSG Issue 16 started, already!

Basic layout for Issue 16 is complete, two submitions are in and work if only in thought process is continuing on the other two contributions.

What is obvious now is we need a new picture for the front cover, I have run out of old pics from the 60's. So here is a chance for you talented types, supply us a pic and get the credit you be due, a listing on the thanks in this blog!

13 July 2009

KSG News.

36 hours of rain brings the Pot to the brink. As it stands Kampot is running at 50% usability with much of the city and surroundings slowly going under, some places are even popping up again like Utopia who had a torrid night and reported a depth of nearly 1m at the bar.

Movie being shot in da Pot. Yes we have it all going on here and its even got a local theme, i.e. local boy comes good, more on this one later but have a look at the link for now...

Filming in progress outside KSG HQ. Image from the movies website and butchered by me.

TV. Amazing news, Kampot now has more channels, yep from now on you will have more poop to choose from.

Kamchay Dam a fake? X-Ace reporter JF has again been working undercover to bring us all the truth, this time its the dam he suspects. Aparently the dam project is just a cover, JF tells us that the whole project is to build a massive dry dock and the rock work is just a distraction, he also supplied this photo as evedence, we look forward to his full report soon.

02 July 2009

It's Out!

Issue 15 finally goes to print, copies will be distributed tomorrow or download a crisp new pdf from the left.

28 June 2009

Proof readers wanted.

After a torrid month for the KSG staff a proof of issue 15 is at last available. We are sorry for the delays but we suffered both injuries and age during June, vast fluid consumption didn't help either.

Anyway have a look at our latest proof, when you find the errors please drop us a line, so maybe we can correct them before print.

KSG Issue 15 Proof

Many thanks go out to this months sponsors...

Akashi Cafe
Bar-Red GH
Bart the Boatman
Blissful GH
Bokor Mountain Lodge
DJ Feeds Tipi Town
Irvin's Kampot Pillows
Kampot Gift Shop
Keyman Tours
Mea Culpa GH
Nataya Roundhouse Coral Bay Resort
Orchid GH
Rikitikitavi GH
Sisters II
Sok Lim Tours

Utopia GH

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Captain Frank
Kate the Editor
Max the Utopian
The Kampot Community

You are all blessed...

02 June 2009

Issue 15 is on the way, promise...

Kampot Daelim drag racing team looses first race ever. Unfortunately Myfanwy the sole Pot racer to turn up was out paced, she lost only by a yard or two but in a massive mis-match, she took on a 650cc dirtbike in the standard standing quarter kilometer, and used only 5% of the fuel the dirtbike devoured.

Fanny on the strip.

River monster sighted, repeatidly. Pics of the monster have been flooding into the KSG offices ever since the issue 14 report, it seems there may be more than one of the beasts. Warning notices have been posted all along the river stating the dangers of swimming or playing by the rivers edge, you have been warned.

Monster caught on film up at Utopia.

Issue 15 is coming on nicely. New articles have been accepted from Kate the editor and Captain Frank, Ace Irvin is also working flat out to fill the last few lines, so you will see the new issue in a week or so.

24 May 2009

KSG News.

French mark up credible time in Bar-Red's yard of ale challenge, only 60s for the whole 91.44% of a metre.

River monster sighted almost daily.

River to be drained for cleaning.

Crocodile reports in river increase, probably due to false sightings confused with the monster.

Gaps in river flood defense found.

Local bar owner buys car.

Ash tray stolen from local guest house.

JF sacked again.

Normality restored...

20 May 2009


As predicted by the Chinese horror-scope the KSG mainframe melted down last week, thus delaying the production of issue 15.

Donations for the repair / replacement of said mainframe are most welcome and well needed, please send cheques / postal orders to the KSG offices marked CASH.

Many thanks in anticipation.

01 May 2009


We have another 1000 copies to distribute this or should I say later this month, 300+ have been shifted so far with the rest due out over the following weeks.

Issue 15 has been started in both Scribus stable and NG, I think we will be staying with the stable version though. Well I am having trouble with NG, I cant get the spell checker to check more than a few words at a time, which in theory is better than the stable version but when it only finds "bokor" and "(the" its pretty useless to me, also NG is bombing out on .pdf creation so its no use to me yet, though I will keep plugging away at it till we do indeed have a working spell checker.

Issue 15 may well run for 2 months, or maybe even 3. As soon as a decision is taken I will let you all know.

KSG News Headlines.

KSG author hit by avian/swine flu cross.

Bar-Red party a success, many customers were watered and fed in appreciation of their custom over the past year.

Welsh invasion of Kampot continues.

Backpackers call for swimming pools with their dorm rooms.

Limp Dick returns to Snook after re-build.

27 April 2009

14 goes to print.

Its made it at last, to print that is. Copies are available for download on the left and hard copies as soon as the printers have finished their work. You will be glad to know the download is smaller this month, down to 4Mb so it should be easier for those of us with challenged connections.

To wet your whistle here's a pic of the monster taken from a guest house on the front.

The pic was actually taken by Ace reporter Irvin but with assistance from Ace reporter JF.

Back Issues.
These were intended for print at an internet cafe, so the formatting is going to make it difficult to read. For it all to make sense you will have to print it out and fold it, good luck.

Issue 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

I think you will all agree it looks far better now.

21 April 2009

Early Promotions!

Even before issue 14 hits the streets the Kampot Survival Guide has already promoted its latest staff member. Irvin S no less, has inspired the management so much that he has been rapidly shifted to the pinnacle of Kampot Survival Guide rankings, he is indeed an ACE Reporter!

All Praise should go to him. Expect to see Irvin credited as ACE from issue 15 onwards.

KSG News.

Kampot Survival Guide print run exceeds that of several PP glossy rags. (this one is a fact!)

Local GH expels Lonely Planet reporter in error.

Reports of land mines on new bridge proven false.

Frenchman seen in Kep.

The Bar-Red one year open party still secret to those not invited.

KSG Help Request.

The Kampot Survival Guide requires help, as well you know, or don't know, we do this all for nothing. All the advertising revenue is spent on printing, yep we are daft but its a bit of fun and it helps visitors stop asking the same old questions, and thus annoying x-pats. What we need is passing people who know a little about IT, the internet, blogs, webshites n stuff, the things me as a stoopid come backwards Kampoter can't do.

What we want to do is make our little guide fit on the net, its not right as a blog, it should be set up as a site, with pictures. All this we (I) have but not the net knoledge we need.

So start volunteering, or I will send me X-Wife to visit your parents!

16 April 2009

Khmai New Year Delays.

It's still the middle of the new years celebrations and KSG staff are shagged out, working on more than one project at this time of year is taxing at best, for sometimes painful.

Anyway the print run is halted till the crazyness is over, so copies will be out in less than a week, and sorry no sneak previews as downloads, the only visible proof stays with me till print.

KSG News Headlines.

KSG staff venture into Kep and get cold welcome.

Bar-Red turns one year old.

Bokor opens and 80% of Pot-Pats visit.

Somali pirates lay claim to Kep.

Icelandic tourist seen in Kampot.

13 April 2009

Issue 14 proofed again.

The final proof of Issue 14 is printed, it looks good with lots of new input, possibly the best, no it is the best ever issue we have produced. Final jigging will be done over the next day or so and then its straight off to print.

Many thanks go out to this months sponsors...

Akashi Cafe
Bar-Red GH
Bart the Boatman
Blissful GH
Bokor Mountain Lodge
DJ Feeds Tipi Town
Honey Bar
Irvin's Kampot Pillows
Kampot Gift Shop
Keyman Tours
Mea Culpa GH
Moons GH
Orchid GH
Rikitikitavi GH
Rusty Keyhole Bar
Sisters II
Sok Lim Tours

Utopia GH

Even more thanks go out to this months submitters...

Irvin Savage
Captain Frank
Jack the Father
The Kampot Community

Gods be blessing you all.

09 April 2009

KSG News.

Kampot social club holds first meeting and gets battered by unseasonal rains. DJ Feeds steered the lucky few up river on his boat to Utopia where all supped merrily, until the skys grew angry and the few set off, the rains held off till half of the journey was completed, then the happy few got wet. All agreed though, it was a great day, so many thanks go out to DJ Feeds for his helmsmanship and hospitality, he also plans to run the boat trips weekly for the x-pats, so be at his house sunday at 2pm for another free cruise, bring beer!

Issue 14 almost ready for printers, expect copies to be out soon, well after Khmai new year.

Headlines from Issue 14.

Kampots flood defense barrier nears completion just in time.

Kampot boycotts the G20 summit.

Kampot underground rail system approaches opening.

River monster scares shite out of locals and tourists alike.

30 March 2009

14 gets to first proof.

The 24 page beast of issue 14 gets its first taste of print, errors are being noticed too but as we have new systems in place to handle such errors, don't expect to see them in the rag.

25 March 2009


Issue 14 is going to be fat, articles n stuff will swell it to 24 pages! So be prepared for more things n stuff, it will be in it, init.

21 March 2009

Issues 12 & 13 finally hit the streets,

DJ Feeds performed sterling work modifying well over 700 copies of issue 12 to insert his contact details, all was done in one night of glue n paper where thankfully other sponsors chipped in and helped the poor old sod. It made for excellent entertainment as stacks of guides were steadily updated, nice work!

Given a taste of this jollity, DJ Feeds then took on the job of tracking down the odd 200 copies that slipped through the net, so he spent another night hunting and sticking, good kid ea!

So, more copies are on the way, soon.

Issue 13 has also made it back from the printers, the all colour 40 page baby everybody wanted so much. Distribution has been started so expect to see copies at exclusive establishments along the Cambodge coast soon.

18 March 2009

12 is out though flawed.

Shockwaves rebound around the KSG's layout department after issue 12's massive error is noticed.

Many apologies to DJ Feeds comes from the guys on the floor for not resizing his advert in this months effort, they managed to miss out both his phone number and email address from the bottom of his advert.

Needless to say those directly responsible have been shot and measures have been put in place to stop this ever happening again.

Good news is that issue 13 is already complete and has gone to print, this covert colour issue will be difficult to find as it will never be released on the net, you will have to come to Kampot and look for it.

Work on issue 14 has also commenced, the same old black n white fella but with another couple of submittions, on those lines...

Many thanks to the submitters in issue 12

Zee Moon for the wildlife rescue article.
Cath the editor for editing said article.
Captain Frank for his fishy input.

Bless em.

14 March 2009

Issue 12 goes to print.

Issue 12 goes to print tomorrow, or should I say later today.

There is a link on the left if you need a copy now, and you have a speedy connection, it's over 20Mb this month, so download with caution.

11 March 2009

Issue 12 at Proof Stage.

The first proof of issue 12 has been printed and semi corrected, final massage will be done in a day or so and then its straight off to print.

Many thanks to this months sponsors...

Akashi Cafe
Bar-Red GH
Bart the Boatman
Blissful GH
DJ Feeds Tipi Town
Honey Bar
Irvin's Kampot Pillows
Kampot Gift Shop
Keyman Tours
Mea Culpa GH
Moons GH
Orchid GH
Rikitikitavi GH
Rusty Keyhole Bar
Sok Lim Tours
Utopia GH

Bless you all.

09 March 2009

KSG News.

Party Season.
The aftermath of the Blissful five year party has left 50% of Pot-pats unfit for work, massive fluid consumption has been blamed and doctors papers are on sale from the copy shop next to rusty.

First Aid.
Rumours of the legendary camagra splint abound around the Pot, though it's doubtful Limp Dick actually used one.

Moto Swapping Games.
Apparently a traditional German party game confused all at the Blissful party as Max the Utopian managed to get in first and swap his rental moto for the owned one of DF Feeds, next day the motos were once again swapped, where will it all end?

02 March 2009

The Ultimate Dirt Bike Challenge.

The road to Tek Chhou (the rapids) has become yet another Bokor experience, major road works has turned the length of the road into a challenge, especially when it rains.

Dirt bikers be warned, much of the road is only suitable for Daelim's!

21 February 2009


Possibly the first complaint about the KSG has been recieved, and no surprise it was from a tight arse backpacker, here is the section that offended the overly sensitive backpack clad lassie.

"Backpackers. Known as snails to Pot-Pats, pregnant if wearing two backpacks. Normally seen walking from GH to GH while fully packed, being too damn tight to pay for a moto driver or tuk tuk that would help them (yes you, put my guide back you tight git!). Generally welcomed in city bars as long as the money is good, rumours of backpackers being shot on sight in Kep are unfounded".

Lucky she wasn't a hippy ea!

Anyway just as we prepared a politically correct version of the guide we will now make a backpacker version, though it may well be empty.

17 February 2009

Jack the Father Reinstated.

After sterling work reporting the weekends rugby JF has again earned his post of ace reporter, currently he is in the West Indies covering the cricket, bless his little sock clad feet.

Welcome back Jack and keep up the good work.

13 February 2009

The streets have been hit!

300 copies of the KSG issue 11 have been delivered so far.

Work on issue 12 has already began, stay tuned.

Shocking News!

The latest version of the Kampot Survival Guide is available as a pdf file, thanks to the cool guys at File Den, bless em.

Download it here Kampot Survival Guide Issue 11

I'ts big so think twice about it, 10.4Mb.

12 February 2009

Gone to Print!

The KSG is up and running again, officially!

Issue 11 has gone to print at last, many thanks go out to this months Sponsors.

Akashi Cafe
Bart the Boatman
Blissful Guest House
DJ Feeds
Mea Culpa Guest House
Utopia Guest House

600 copies should hit the streets in a couple of days, so watch out.

09 February 2009

Deadlines Looming

The KSG is on the verge of print yet again, only one sponsor is dragging heels with artwork.

But we at the KSG have a back up plan, spare sponsors are queuing up to have their businesses included, so beware, the KSG's new hard approach to lazy sponsors will mean that you will be left out if... you are late with artwork or payment.

Next months guide will be growing from the 16 pages of issue 11 up to 20 pages, therefore there will be tons more space for the quickest sponsors, deadline for issue 12 is the 5th of March

Sizes for adds.
Qtr page h97mm x w69mm
Banner h48mm x w138mm
Half h97mm x w138mm

04 February 2009

KSG Issue 11 Finally Gets to Proof Stage.

The first proof of the Kampot Survival Guide Issue 11 hits the streets and sells out all available advertising space in hours, not days as before, it seems the business owners are pigged off with telling folks what they can do here, so life again rears for the guide.

The all old KSG Issue 11 will hit the streets within a week or so but in an all new, bold and black and white format, not the same same but a little different.

Advertisers, or as we now call them, sponsors, you will have to wait your turn, you may have a chance to advertise again, but you will have to pay in advance and get artwork in before our deadlines, I maen it!!!

31 January 2009

Old Advertiser, New Business.

Long term advertiser Crippled Dick (AKA Dirty Dick) has moved into the furniture removal business. After a recent break with his bus service he has apparently been screwed back together ready for his new venture, contact details will be posted as soon as he has some.

28 January 2009

KSG Staff to Shagged Out to Print.

Kampot super group postpones production of Kampot's premier free nonsensicle publication. Successive nights of jolity has crippled the KSG staff, lack of sleep and massive fluid consumption has halted publishing for the time being.

be patient!

24 January 2009

Issue 10.1 hits the streets!

As an effort to show lazy advertisers how easy publishing is, issue 10.1 was born, basically a scribbled on version of issue 10 was printed and distributed within minutes of its thought, 8 copies were made for the sum total of $1.00, obviously a bargain.

It seems after one year of publishing not one of the advertisers had read the terms and conditions of the guide, lets hope the point has been proven.

21 January 2009

18 Days To Go!

The Bokor Experience

In an attempt to ease frustrations over Bokor trips local authorities have made a bold gesture, it seems they have attempted to reconstruct the road to Bokor along the river front, thus alleviating the need to visit the hill, job done.

20 January 2009

Website Builder Needed

OK, it's my fault..... but I would like the KSG online, it seems I can't do it alone, so does anybody want to help?

What I need is free hosting, free domain names, free talented designers, or a decent way to modify a blog to display the guide.

Anybody interested?

Prey let us know!

To give you a taste of the guide if not previously tainted, it's basically a cut down version of Aprils edition.

Ace Reporter Sacked Again

Jack the Father was tonight once again sacked just after being reinstated, apparently just for the fun of sacking him again.

Serves him right for riding one of the Pot's best unpaid fictional jobs, nuff said.

18 January 2009

KSG News

Plague strikes Bar-Red and the KSG headquarters leaving 100% of the workforce unfit for service, thus further delaying the arrival of the ground breaking Ed-Issue 11.

Rumours of industrial espionage echo around the Pot after the KSG drops 70% of its advertisers to become a sponsored publication.

Kep spokesman denies biological warfare.

Another glass broken in riverfront bar spurring plans for all plastic receptacles.

Jack the Father sacked after shocking false reports.